Monday, October 6, 2008


Over the weekend the weather was beautiful as forecasted, and I finally used some of the compost that I have been cooking for some time now.

Composting is apparently a science, there is a great deal written about it, but I am afraid I am not very scientific. It still seems to turn out somewhat OK though. (I am sure there are lots of compost experts who would shudder to read that).

We dump all of our compostable food scraps into a container we keep on our kitchen counter.

I put it all in the compost box that R built me earlier in the year with our other garden waste. Before this I had a compost heap. Although there are small holes in the sides to let air in, they aren't really big enough, and I don't think enough air really gets into the middle of the box. Some of the boxes you can buy spin the compost to aerate it, and I have also read that you can put hollow sunflower stalks into the middle to get air in. I water it every week or so because it shouldn't dry out. It shouldn't be too wet either.

The box has a flap on the bottom so I can get the compost out which is easier said than done because it is pretty compacted in there.

Voila! Compost should be very dark brown, moist, light, and crumbly.

I needed to move the box over to the side of my garden to make space for more beds. In doing so I had to empty the box out completely which was a bit of a pain but gave the contents a good airing out.


leaner said...

I want one! This is one of my next projects, now that its cooling off and we can be outside, LOL.

I love the box, what is it made out of? What are the dimensions?

Mo said...

It is made of salvaged wood that we already had. It is about 26' by 26' by 36' and isn't that size for any reason other than that was the size of the wood. I would have preferred one of planks of wood and left gaps so that a decent amount of air could get in but it does OK and was VERY cheap to make! My compost heap definitely composted faster because I turned it regularly but it also dried out faster and was difficult to keep moist enough.

bodaat said...

Leaner - some cities give away free and sometimes used compost bins. I know that Chandler does.

Mo said...

Kavita, I think I knew that but had forgotten. I am sure Phoenix does this too.