Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Garden Update

Everything is growing beautifully in my little garden! These pictures are similar to ones I have posted before but they give an idea of how much everything has grown.

This was today's zucchini harvest. I am getting at least four every day. Needless to say I am looking for plenty of zucchini recipes when I plan our meals each week!

I also have baby peppers

Baby cucumbers

and the rapini is coming on well

I also finally have some radishes!

I have some very spindly and small looking carrot plants but I am not sure that there are any actual carrots underneath. My beans got swallowed up by the giant zucchini patch but I have a couple of plants with tiny beans on them. Next time I will plant them well away from the zucchini's. The cauliflower, broccoli, and cabbage plants look great, and at the weekend I planted kale. My swiss chard has also just started to sprout, and now I have absolutely no space left until I do some more digging.


Amy said...

So, those radishes finally grew! What a relief! You are a decent gardener after all.

That is an understatement, of course, as everyone can see what a magnificant garden you have grown. Wow!

Frances, said...

Hi Michelle, what a lovely veggie patch you have, even with those xeric conditions. I love your header picure too. What are those red and pink flowers? I would like to offer this suggestion about your beans, try growing the taller pole beans on teepees or wire cages. They can escape the shade of the squash that way.


You might want to enable your comments so that non blogspot users, like me, can comment. I also have a blogger account and am using it this time, but my blog has been moved to wordpress.

Mo said...

Haha Amy, you make me smile! :)

Hi Frances, Thank you for your comments! :) Of course my veggie garden uses way more water than it should with me living here in the desert. I am working on installing rainwater harvesting barrels ready for the next rains. This will help a little, although water always remains a concern for me here.

The header picture was taken at the Desert Botanical Garden here in Phoenix last spring and the flowers are penstemons. They are so lovely, if only I could get such a showing from mine!

Nicole said...

Congrats on your bountiful harvest. Those radishes are quite pretty.

lilmadhikingcrystal said...

The garden looks great! Hope to see you soon, sorry haven't called tests, tests and more tests. LOL hardcore outdoors friend! CS

Mo said...

Thanks for visiting Nicole! :)

And as for you my hardcore outdoorsy friend.............I think it is my turn to call you! x

Shibaguyz said...

Great looking veggies! When we lived in the desert we did NOT have such good luck with our gardening.

Mo said...

Thanks Shibaguyz! :)

bodaat said...

Two things:
1. Your garden is awesome! I can't believe how big all the plants are.
2. Your readership has grown - congratulations!

Liisa said...

Your veggies look wonderful! I haven't tried growing zucchini yet... I may be coming to you for some tips next spring. : )