Sunday, October 26, 2008

Pumpkin Patch In The Desert

On Friday I decided to take Kendra out of school so that we could go to a pumpkin patch. This will be the last year that I can do that because next year she will be in kindergarten which I can hardly bear to think about right now.

We don't have many pumpkin patches to choose from here which isn't a big surprise I suppose. We used to drive up to the wonderful Young's Farm in Dewey, Arizona each year and it really was the best day out. After we had seen and done everything there we would drive a little further to beautiful Prescott, have lunch in one of the places surrounding the historic square, and enjoy the fall colors. It was always the highlight of our year. Sadly, Young's Farm is no longer open. It fell victim to water issues, and land development, and after a long fight, it was sold in 2006. That was the last year we went. I really miss it!

There is another desert farm south of here that has a pumpkin patch but I am not a fan at all. It is a dry and dusty place, and is very expensive to boot.

Last year we went to the pumpkin patch at the Desert Botanical Garden and it was rather good. It wasn't expensive either, and we saved on gas, so this year we went again.

They had a petting zoo which was great, not too crowded, and really docile animals, although I suppose that is a must for a petting zoo. Not great pics, it was impossible to get both animal and child looking towards the camera at the same time!

The girls were allowed to pick a pumpkin each and then decorate them. Kendra had a great time with hers.

And so now, despite it still being rather warm here, I have succumbed to my "feelings of the fall", and we have a semi-autumnal entry way thanks to Kendra's lovely art work, and some of our decorations.

We still have halloween cookies to bake. I promised the girls several days ago and we still haven't because the weekend was taken up de-cluttering and de- filtherising the house.

Hopefully I will be a good Mommy in the next day or two and live up to the promise I made to my patient girls!


bodaat said...

E's facial expressions are priceless! ps - when am I baby-sitting? :)

Esther Montgomery said...

Seems to me that sticking things on pumpkins is more straightforward than trying to gouge them out.

Prettier results too!


Amy said...

What a fun day that must have been. I need to get out and get some pumpkin patch pictures....before it's too late!

I can't believe the girls are in shorts and t-shirts this late in the year. In a strange way I wish we could keep our summer clothes out for another week or two.

Enjoy those cookies!

Mo said...

Bodaat, I think the idea is for us to get a baby sitter so that WE can all go somewhere. However, you know you can if you really want to. :)

I agree Esther. MUCH easier and safer for the hands too.

Oh Amy, don't wish that! :) It is forecasted to be 91 on Halloween! I can't bear it this warm this late, though it is nothing like the summer of course. Makes me want to move somewhere "seasonal" more than ever if that is possible.