Sunday, October 19, 2008


After a week or so of enjoying the most perfect temperatures here in the "Valley Of The Sun", Mother Nature very unfairly decided that she would remind us of the summer all over again, and grace us with temps in the mid to high nineties. Now in the Summer or early Fall this would not be a problem because it would be much cooler than we had been used to. In mid October after we have been teased into believing that Fall is finally upon us, it is NO FUN! In fact I have been more than a little down about the whole thing, quite irrationally so actually. I have been wanting to get our fall decorations out but somehow it just doesn't seem right when the weather is so hot outside. So I haven't. In fact this past few days I have done little but mope around complaining about how hot it is again. A reminder I am afraid for my DH and sweet children of what I am like to be around all Summer.

Yesterday I finally gave in and admitted surrender. The AC which I had cockily turned off with great fanfare a few days ago while proclaiming how much energy we would be saving was turned back on, the shutters which I had been gleefully keeping open all day to let the warmth in stayed closed, and my winter pyjamas were washed and put away for the second time this year. I am not happy about this at all. Oh no, not me.

Tonight I decided to do something drastic, something that I have not done for absolutely ages because it goes against all my supposed green-ness. It is something I used to love to do several times a week and which always made me feel so much better. I had a LONG. HOT. BATH! It was as deep as I could get it using who knows how many gallons of precious water, and was hot, very hot, using who knows how much energy for water heating. As I lay back and sipped from a chilled glass of white wine, I reflected on how very much I have missed this luxury. I felt all of my aches and pains disappear, and felt really relaxed and calm.

I am out of the bath now and I am not feeling quite as good because remember it is HOT outside, and now I am very HOT inside as well. I am thinking as I sit here sipping a glass of iced water, bright red in the face, with sweat dripping off my brow that this just might be my penance. If so then it was totally worth it!!


sugarcreekstuff said...

I would take a hot bath over a shower anyday, except when I'm really grubby.
I just got our gas bill and it went up 20% and the only thing I've done different is take more baths with our colder temps. That extra 5 bucks is SO worth it.

Just think in a couple months when I'm freezing, you'll still be eating your fresh veggies out in the warm sunshine.

Mo said...

Thanks SCS, I feel better already!

leaner said...

I admit to taking hot, soaky baths, even in the summer. They are part of my wind down, me, calm, time. Which I rarely get any more. Sigh. I do prefer them when it is cold out, and I have gone to filling the tub a lot less than I used to. And luckily we have only a normal tub, not one of those massive oval, lovely tubs. Sigh. If I could use my bathwater to water my lawn, I so would. Yup- that grass is green because of a bath I took. Sounds like a good idea to me.

Mo said...

I agree Leaner, hot baths are therapeutic in so many ways. What is worse for me is that we DO have one of those massive, oval tubs, so you can imagine how much water I used last night!

If I could find some biodegradeable body soap I would totally use the bath water on the grass, except that it is dead now anyway. I could always use it on the other plants though.