Sunday, October 12, 2008


This weekend passed by in such a busy blur. The weather was perfect again, mid seventies with a gentle breeze.

Although it is Kendra's birthday tomorrow, we had her party yesterday. I finally decided on the goody bags. I managed to find some very cute felt bags which were extremely inexpensive, and decided they had a better chance of not being tossed away quite as quickly as the plastic ones. In each one we put a packet of sunflower seeds, an eraser, a pencil, and a couple of candies. Not the booty one usually gets, but all stuff that might get used, or planted!

The girls and I formed quite the little assembly line yesterday morning.

And before long we had them all finished.

They seemed to go down especially well with the parents. Many loved the bags, a couple liked that there wasn't too much candy, while others were excited by the seeds. I did hear one small child ask "where are the toys?" which made me smile I have to admit. They were lots fun to do.

Kendra had a great time with all her friends and was so happy. Everyone went to a great deal of trouble to make her feel special and it was so lovely!

This morning I went down to the The Urban Farm for a rainwater barrel class. I had been wanting to go for ages and it was totally worth it. It has completely demystified the process for me now.

Here is my almost finished barrel. It just needs the netting securing on top, and I want to paint it dark green which is my backyard paint color.

I have a few good places where the run off is good from our roof but I am not sure exactly where I will put it yet. The class was a lot of fun and I met some really nice, like minded people. I also got to see the new chicks at The Urban Farm!

One of Kendra's birthday gifts came in a reuseable shopping bag which pleased me no end. We were also at a fundraising party last night for the Breast Cancer Three Day and as we left we got a reusable bag too. It is great that this kind of thing is catching on. All these small things change attitudes I feel sure.


leaner said...

What cute ideas! We don't normally do a goody bag, I think they are a waste of the parents' (I mean my) time and money. We never had them as a child, why do our kids have them? But if I were going to do them... the ones you did were adorable.

Amy said...

Happy birthday to Kendra from her Texan friends!!! I hope she has a very special and exciting day today. Sounds like the birthday party was a hit! Oh, and those goodie die for! Love them!!!

I don't know much about rain water harvesting. What do you use the harvested water for? The garden? Lawn? All of the above?

Esther Montgomery said...

Please wish Kendra a happy birthday from me.

The party bags look wonderful.


Mo said...

Thank you Leaner, Amy, and Esther! :) x

bodaat said...

What a great weekend! Thank you for sharing all the wonderful pictures.
Kendra - Happy Birthday buddy!