Saturday, October 4, 2008

Well, at least I can grow zucchini

I have read everywhere that Radish is SO easy to grow that childen can do it easily. Well, apparently it's not that easy for me because despite growing radish plants, I have no actual radishes underneath.

Anyone got any bright ideas as to why this might be? I have a feeling they weren't thinned early or adequately enough, but even so. Luckily radishes can be planted regularly for the next few months so I will keep trying. I think the same thing may be happening with my carrots as well which took the longest time to sprout, and having done so now don't look too promising.

My garden looked wild after we got back from Taiwan with most things growing well. The zucchini plants have taken off in a big way and are smothered with flowers and baby zucchini already.

I adore eating baby zucchini and just couldn't resist harvesting a few for an early zucchini feast.

The cucumber plants are also doing well. You can see them in the left of this picture.

The cauliflower and broccoli plants grew but were rather patchy. After thinning them well I decided I needed some help. So, although I feel like I am cheating I bought some cauliflower and broccoli plants from my local nursery to supplement the ones I already have. I also bought some red cabbage plants which I plan to get in today after I have prepared yet another bed.

Here are my beds now with the transplants in place.

My never ending basil bush is still going strong! I am sure I will get a few more batches of pesto from it. I have read that you can keep them going all winter if you protect them from frost, so I will definitely try that.

I'm not sure how well we will be fed from my garden, but it is fun anyway. We can always eat zucchini in everything because I don't think I will have a shortage of those.

It is going to be in the eighties over the weekend. Woo hoo! Fall is finally here in the low desert. After I finish work today I will go seed shopping for my next planting, and get that other bed ready. I am realizing how little space I have, although I have other areas I can use eventually.

I have bought some dreaded "Round Up" for eradicating the bermuda grass but still feel kind of wierd about using it. I need to speak to the folks over at the Phoenix Permaculture Guild first because I want to be sure that I will not harm my existing garden, and I know thay have many ideas on this.

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