Wednesday, November 12, 2008

America Recycles Day

I have just learned that Saturday, November 15th is "America Recycles Day". I am truly ashamed to say that I not heard of this day before now. It is run by the National Recycling Coalition and there are events all around the country to celebrate. This organization has a great web site with tons of information, and links to places like the Arizona Recycling Coalition! There is even a pledge that can be taken to increase ones commitment to recycling. Just something else for me to get excited about! :)


Amy said...

So, what are you going to do to celebrate?

Mo said...

Not sure yet. There is an event in Tucson but I can't seem to find anything for Phoenix.

Amy said...

You could have your own little celebration -- maybe make something out of recycled goods with the girls. Throw a recycling party. Or take a trip down to Tucson to check out their events!