Saturday, November 15, 2008

Baking Day

Friday baking day was rather neglected over the summer. It doesn't seem like so much fun heating up an oven inside when it feels like an oven outside! An option would be to use a solar oven, but that is yet another long term dream I think.

Anyway, yesterday we restarted the Friday baking tradition with some good old fashioned family favorites, cup cakes.

We used up the leftover frosting and sprinkles from the halloween cookies. Yum!

And here is a gratuitous picture of todays crop of cucumbers, zucchini, and the first of the rapini.


Amy said...

All I can say is Mmmmmm!!! Those cupcakes looked delish! Was R excited to see the family baking tradition had resumed? Or is he not a big fan of the sweets?

I found a recipe for garden fresh zucchini and tomatoes. Are you still in need of ideas for using all those fresh-from-the-garden zucchini?

Mo said...

Robert is not into sweet stuff too much except ice cream, and I am not even bothered by that but I am sure they wont last long!

Would LOVE to get any recipes for using zucchini please! :)

Lucy Corrander said...

As a child, I used to be disappointed we had to cook any of the mixture.

I would have eaten the whole lot raw.

And I know that feeling of just wanting to post a picture. So here's a special 'hello' to the zuccini!