Monday, November 3, 2008

Green Updates- Waste

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Waste really cuts to the core of sustainable living for me because we live in such a well, disposable society!

I am much more aware these days of how much stuff we waste as a family. Generally we have one to two bags of garbage a week, although I don’t really know if this is a little or a lot because I don’t know how much trash other people throw out. I suspect ours will be significantly reduced once Emily is completely out of diapers. Yes, yes, we do use disposables! I have dabbled with cloth diapers in the past but eventually decided after doing a lot of research that disposables were the better option for us here in the desert where water is such a precious resource. I am sure the cloth versus disposable diaper debate will rage on but it will be without me for now I am afraid.

Anyway here is what we have been doing to reduce our waste:

Recycling according to what our city accepts. There still seems to be plenty that can’t be recycled and I am sure there is somewhere I could take that, but as usual I haven’t got around to looking yet. Kendra frequently knows what can be recycled now and that pleases me.

Checking things I have to buy in plastic to see if the container can be recycled, and not buying things in plastic containers that don’t need to be. For example I used to buy shower gel, and now we use good old fashioned soap.

Trying to reduce food packaging and buying loose goods when I can which hasn’t been as often as I would like.

Subscribing to Catalog Choice to reduce the amount of catalogs I get in the mail. Despite declining many catalogs I still seem to get a steady stream of new ones that I have no wish to receive. I have now taken to calling the company each time I get a new catalog and asking to be taken off their mailing list. Hopefully the two systems combined will eventually truly reduce the amount of catalogs we still get in the mail.

Using cloth bags of course! (I always keep a supply in the car).

Reusing plastic produce bags. I either use them for storing farmer’s market veggies in the fridge, or as poop pickup bags for our back yard. I also wash and reuse zip lock bags until they are beyond saving.

Using reusable plastic containers for Kendra’s lunch instead of little baggies.

Never buying bottled water. We have a water filter on our faucet and use stainless steel bottles for carting it around when we are out and about.

Not buying or using Kleenex, although I have to admit I do still use paper towels on occasion.


Trying not to buy over packaged items. Amazon has just started a campaign to reduce the amount of wasteful packaging that comes with items and I will be watching it closely. Compacting helps with this of course.

That’s it. I am always open to new ideas if anyone has any!


Titania said...

Hi Michelle, it is great to see how you try to save on the stuff that stuffs up our environment! I do the same, but when I look into other shopping trolleys, I must say many, many people don't know or can't be bothered to make an effort in this direction. I only iron what I really have to. I do not use air conditioning. I compost, or feed veggie scraps to the chickens. My daughter and I go shopping once a week together with one car. I really try to do my bit.

Tyra in Vaxholm said...

There is SO much that we can do! Good post with important stuff / Tyra

Mo said...

Hi Titania,
I am seeing a slow but gradual change here with people being more aware of how they are living. Many people use resuable shopping bags now when only a year ago I felt like I was the only one. It is encouraging but we all have a long way to go. Thanks for your comment! :)

Hi Tyra,

Thank you for visiting my blog, I appreciate your comment too! :) Your blog looks delicious and I will be back to visit again.