Friday, November 21, 2008

A productive day, and a mystery.................

This weekend neither Robert or I are working for the entire weekend. This will be the first weekend in many months that this has happened, and I am determined that we will spend some quality family time together, out and about enjoying the lovely weather we are having.

So much of our weekends seem to be devoted to chores, so I decided to try to get everything done today.

I did two huge loads of washing,

I cleaned the kitchen and bathrooms with my trusty green cleaning baking soda that I use for everything these days,

And I supervised the girls while they supposedly cleaned up their bedrooms!

I also made a salad for dinner to go with the shepherds pie I made yesterday. I added home grown peppers, and cucumbers from the garden.

And I baked some bread.

I also got caught up with all my school work and put a bottle of wine in the refrigerator to chill for later. Roll on the weekend, except that we seem to have a bit of a mystery on our hands.

A month or so ago I was noticing strange, shallow holes in my garden each morning. They seemed to be there more often after I had dug out the new beds. I could have sworn that the holes looked like large paw prints of some kind, although I am known for my vivid imagination! Here is one of them....

I decided at the time that they were probably made by birds taking dust baths and after I stopped finding them I forgot about them. That is until today when I went out and found this....

In the space where I had recently harvested some of the rapini, there were uprooted plants. They looked as though they had been dug up by something.

You may remember our fuzzy dog Tex who is a voracious digger, although you would never know that from these cute pictures.

Tex has dug up many plants in my yard over the years, but he can't get into my veggie garden because there is a locked fence in his way for that very purpose. Now I am mystified. I truly don't know what is going on.


Amy said...

I had one of those wonderfully productive days yesterday. Don't they feel amazing. Exhausting, yes....but also amazing! Now you can enjoy the work-free weekend! Without guilt!

The holes, hmmmmm.....could it be some sort of critter getting in there? Rabbit? Squirrel? Very mysterious!

(Great pics of Tex. He looks so comfy. On second thought, so do the girls "cleaning" their room.)

bodaat said...

What great pictures and a nice summary of your day! I'm not sure about those holes. Are you sure that Tex can't jump over the fence? And ps - those pics of Tex and the girls are adorable! I swear, your girls remind me so much of pics of my older sister and I when we were younger.

Mo said...

Amy, Yes it did feel good getting so much done! It may be a rabbit I guess? We don't seem to get squirrels here that I have seen anyway. The girls rooms still aren't "clean" :)

Bo, I am pretty sure that he isn't jumping over. It is a possibility though these "incidents" seem to happen during the night when he is inside.

bodaat said...

Hmm, I'm thinking that it must be a resident bunny. But then I'm not sure how one would come and go from your garden.

Mo said...

Yes, I think you are right! :) A bunny could easily get underneath the fence.