Saturday, November 8, 2008

Sustainable Giving

Many charities now offer great gift options for the holidays and for other special occasions.

Last year we did this for our nieces and nephews and it went down really well with them and with their parents. It is such an easy way to shop for something meaningful, and it cuts right down on gas, and all that non recyclable wrapping paper.

Favorite charities of mine that offer gift options include Heifer International, Oxfam, and the WWF.

Gift donations are used in many ways to benefit people living in impoverished communities around the world, and for various conservation efforts. Health care, education, farming, empowerment of women and children, and protection of endangered species are just a few of the options.

For the small children last year we did animal adoption from the WWF. This option includes a plush toy of the sponsored animal, (no you don't actually get the real thing), information about it, and a certificate. All gift options from the charities I have listed include a gift message describing what has been purchased, and how it will help.

How about buying trees, or seeds from Oxfam so that a community can have shade, prevent soil erosion, and grow their own food?

Why don't you adopt a Polar Bear , or a Blue Footed Booby from the WWF? By doing this you will be helping conservation efforts for these endangered species.

By giving just $20 at Heifer International you can provide a flock of chicks for a community from Cameroon to the Caribbean, a gift that will feed and nourish many people for years to come. If you are feeling even more generous you can buy a sheep, truly a gift that goes on giving year after year for a family.

Go on, take a look at the various web sites and see what appeals to you this holiday season. There are options to fit all budgets and tastes. What could be more seasonal than knowing that you have given a special gift to your loved ones, and to those in need. For me that truly is what the holidays are all about.


Amy said...

Great ideas! The gift that keeps on giving...

Shibaguyz said...

A great way to cut back on the rampant consumerism that drives the traditional holiday season. Thanks for the suggestions!

Mo said...

I am really hoping that a family member takes the hint and does the same for my girls this year! :)

Titania said...

This is a wonderful idea, Michelle I hope it catches on.
Thank you for your visit.