Monday, November 24, 2008

Urban Hike

Here are some pictures from the hike we did yesterday along one of the urban trails that we are fortunate enough to have here in Phoenix.

We have many desert trails within a few miles of where we live, and this hike that we did up Piestewa Peak is one of them. We only hiked about 1/2 a mile up, but we all had a great time, the girls did well, and we got lots of comments from people impressed by how much they seemed to be enjoying it.

This is a classic Sonoran Desert view. I kept thinking about all the pictures I will be able to take on hikes like this with my new camera when it arrives.

And this is a classic "brown cloud" view of the Phoenix skyline. Gorgeous don't you think ?!

As I was putting Kendra to bed last night after an action packed, yet comfortingly frugal weekend she said to me, "oh Mommy, I just love our family weekends don't you?"


bodaat said...

I love Kendra's comment to you. That is just SO adorable! Glad you had a beautiful day hiking. Apart from the brown haze the pics look gorgeous and I too can't wait for you to get your camera. :)

leaner said...

How awesome! I keep meaning to take the girls hiking, we usually go a lot this time of year. But I haven't done Piestawa Peak even (or Camelback) Not too keen on the city hiking, although we have done South Mountain a few times, there are some nice hikes there.

Mo said...

I too prefer hiking away from town, but really the mountain preserve that includes Piestewa Peak is amazing. You really can feel as though you are away from the city for a short time at least.

I love hiking up around Payson and Flagstaff most of all but that involves a day trip and we seldom get the time these days.

Amy said...

What a lovely day.....the weather, the scenery, the family, the innocent yet profoundly endearing comment made by Kendra....

I'm getting weepy just thinking about it. : )

Mo said...

Oh Amy, welcome back! I have missed you! :)