Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Year

The new year is always bittersweet for me. I find myself thinking wistfully of how quickly another year has passed by, and how it has taken me by surprise yet again. I feel this even more as I get older.

Every year as my gorgeous girls grow up a little more, I feel twinges of sadness as I realize that there is absolutely nothing I can do to hold on to these precious early years. I am horrible at coping with change, and what could represent change more completely and more inevitably than a child growing up in the world? I find myself constantly grappling with this, and I have to remind myself that I must live in the present moment, something I find very difficult to do, even though I know it is really the only way we can live.

Around this time I also find myself thinking of the people who have died over the course of the past year, which may in part be due to the fact that there always seem to be so many tributes in the media.

Deaths that have been especially poignant for me this past year include Dith Pran, Tim Russert, Sir Edmund Hillary, George Carlin, Steve Fossett, Freddie Hubbard, Eartha Kitt, and Jdimytai Damoar who was the worker at Walmart who got trampled in the horrible post Thanksgiving shopping stampede. I am also thinking of the families around the world who have lost loved ones this past year in the continuing hostilities in Iraq and Afghanistan.

I don't make new years resolutions, but I do carry in my mind "new year intentions". Perhaps they are the same thing? Here are my intentions for the next year and beyond in no particular order:

I intend to be a better Mother and Wife. (This seems to be a constant mantra I carry around with me everyday).

I intend to REALLY slow down and spend more quality time with Robert and the girls.

I intend to continue blogging. It is something I really love to do, and it has had the added benefits of allowing me to reconnect with old friends, and even to make new ones!

I intend to make more time to be with both old and new friends, and family, and to be open to new friendships.

I intend to continue chipping away at my degree. I will finish it, one of these years!

I intend to volunteer. I will have more time in the fall after both my girls are in school, and I intend to use it to try to do some good.

I intend to continue living life as sustainably as I can, something which is truly my passion in life. I also intend to do all that I can to protect our environment.

I intend to be out in my yard and garden with my girls a lot.

Finally, I intend to practice drumming more, something I love that always seems to get sidelined.

I hope that you all have a wonderful and Happy New Year, and that 2009 brings you all that you intend to achieve!


Lucy Corrander said...

Happy New Year Mo!

Seems to me your new year resolution is to invent a special machine that will stretch time; maybe knit more fabric into it!


Hope everything continues happy, creative and well.


Mo said...

Dear Lucy,
Yes, I have come to realize that time and health are the two most valuable things that we have in this life.
I wish you a happy, and a healthy new year too!
Love Mo. xx

Amy said...

Now those are some good new year "intentions"! Not so outlandash that they will be difficult to achieve. And many of them help volunteering, living sustainably, and making/keeping friends.

Happy New Year dear friend!

Mo said...

And Happy New Year to you too my lovely Amy! x

bodaat said...

You can play the drums and I'll play my oboe. It'll be sheer brilliance. :)

Mo said...

Well there you go Bo, something I never knew about you!

Aiyana said...

Happy New Year to you. Your post is lovely. I should probably change my resolutions to intentions. Gives me a little more wiggle room!

Mo said...

Happy New Year to you too Aiyana! :)

leaner said...

These are great "intentions" I used to swear that I do not make resolutions, but I always have some thing I want to accomplish this year.

Yours are all basically the same as mine- just change the names and take out the drumming, insert getting a piano and practicing on it, not that I was ever good, but I remember sort of enjoying it.

Mo said...

This past year an amazing drumming teacher from a while back back who I admire greatly has been encouraging and supporting me to get back to playing. This has really helped me to renew my sense of purpose, and made me remember why I used to do it in the first place. Amazing what a bit of support and encouragement can do! :)

I really hope that you get back to playing the piano this year Leaner.