Friday, December 26, 2008

I was dreaming of a wet Christmas

and that is exactly what I got!

It was grey all day and rained pretty much all afternoon and evening which felt very seasonal. Robert says he can't remember another year that this has happened and he has lived here for many years. It was lovely!

Our Christmas was very low key, just the four of us, and all the doggies. We cut right back this year, and yet still did very well indeed. I have to admit that we even stayed in our pyjamas for most of the day. What luxury. It didn't matter because we weren't out to impress, (are we ever?) Just to be comfy!

The girls favorite toy was the "Melissa and Doug" ice cream play set . It has been a huge hit and I highly recommend it for those of you with children out there. A simple toy, but a complete winner!

I got my own Christmas surprise when I went out to gather parsley for the stuffing. I have had a few Ichiban eggplant plants for some time now that have flowered for ages, and yet never seemed to produce any eggplants.

So imagine my surprise yesterday when I leant down and saw several actual eggplants. I had given up looking of late I have to admit. What a nice surprise, and although I didn't include them in our Christmas day feast I will have many uses for them over the next few days I am sure.

We had a lovely restful, family time and I hope that you all did as well! I was thinking about many of you!

Despite my best intentions to have a simpler, greener, more sustainable christmas this year we still managed to produce an entire trash bag full of wrapping paper and other waste destined for the landfill. A holiday favorite of mine Christmas Crackers produce a fair amount of waste what with the paper hats and the plastic trinkets that invariably get discarded as soon as they appear. Plans to make my own recyclable crackers fell by the wayside as did so many of my other ideas to be more green. I suppose that is what new years resolutions are for right? Lets hope I stick to more of them next year than I usually do.


bodaat said...

Those eggplants look very delicious. Congrats! Your Christmas day looks nice and homey and I loved that you all stayed in PJs. Awesome. :) And hey - where did you get the crackers from? We grew up with them and couldn't find them this year.

Mo said...

Sadly those eggplant plants are not looking quite so good as of this morning! :( I went to bed early last night and missed that there was to be a frost so didn't cover them up and they are looking distinctly droopy today. They are however now covered and lets hope they perk up a bit and survive tonights frosty temps.

The crackers were actually left over fropm last year and we got them from CostPlus then.

Liisa said...

I am feeling so jealous of your December veggies and the fresh goodies available at your farmer's market. A friend of ours in Surprise, AZ sent us some fresh oranges... they were delicious!!

Mo said...

Thank you for visiting Liisa! :) I have to confess I am always a little wistful for more seasonal weather, such as snow. However, I am sure it also brings many inconveniences, especially for us gardeners.

Amy said...

Sounds like everyone got what they wanted this year! : )

Happy New Year!