Saturday, December 27, 2008

Phoenix light rail open

Yes it's true, we now have a light rail system here in Phoenix!

Our very own light rail currently spans twenty miles from downtown Phoenix to Mesa, via Tempe. There are plans to expand out to the west valley and elsewhere in the future. This project has taken 10 years to come to fruition, and has been funded by a combination of federal government money, sales taxes from the Phoenix, Mesa, and Tempe, and funds from proposition 400.

The really great news is that everyone can ride for free from today until December 31st, after which time fares will be the same as bus fares. There are many activities planned over the next few days to celebrate the grand event. Visit here for more information.

Phoenix has been badly in need of a mass transit system such as this for a long time, and from what I can gather by chatting to people there seems to be a great deal of excitement and anticipation. Let's hope that it generates plenty of business for local establishments along the route, and reduces traffic congestion and greenhouse gas emissions here in the valley.

A good way to end the year here in The Valley of the Sun!


leaner said...

Haha You used the word "fruition" I thought only my husband used that word.

I am excited to take the girl on it, if just for fun.

Mo said...

Ha ha Leaner! It's a word I particularly like.

Robert took the girls on it yesterday while I was working. Apparently it was really busy, but they had a great time and were full of it after they got home. I am looking forward to using it too.