Saturday, December 6, 2008

Rainwater Harvesting

I got a long awaited chance to try out my rainwater barrel last week during the lovely, welcome Thanksgiving rain that we got.

My barrel is not completely finished as you can see. I need to secure the mosquito netting on top with a rope or bunjee cord. It also makes me a bit nervous having water barrels and small children, so I am thinking that semi-permanent wooden lids of some kind might be a good idea for when the weather is dry. I also need to go outside during a rain storm to see where all the best spots will be for run off from the roof. However, the temporary spot I chose last week wasn't bad, and I still got about 40 gallons of rainwater over the course of a day or so.

I can only imagine how much I will be able to collect with enough barrels in all the right places.


Amy said...

So, what have you done with all that lovely harvested rainwater?

Mo said...

Nothing yet. Not much has needed watering since all the rain we had. I will probably use it the next few weeks though on a couple of trees that are close to the barrel!

Cascata rain barrels said...

It's amazing how much water you can collect during a heavy rain storm. We've had customers that purchase 2 or 3 units at a time just to be able to cope with the rain water overflow from their first barrel!