Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Tis The Season.......

....... for gift giving, quality time with loved ones, and for being sick, at least it seems to be that way in our house at the moment! I finished school last week for an entire month, and had HUGE plans for all the spare time I was going to have, but it seems that we have all had constant runny noses, coughs, sore necks, and temperatures this past week or so. Needless to say I have not done much at all.

It is also the season for wonderful rain here in our usually sunny valley, and of course I am loving it! It has rained a lot the past few days, and more rain is forecasted for tonight. They are also getting a lot of snow up in the high country, so perhaps the Snowbowl will open soon. In addition to my custom made rainwater barrel, I now have several temporary "rainwater collection devices", otherwise known as big garbage containers set up all around the house collecting rainwater. I am sure my neighbours across the street are enjoying these a great deal! Luckily we don't have an HOA.

Our local library has this great system where if they don't have the book you want you can request an interlibrary loan ONLINE (!!!), from the comfort of your own home. I used this great service in an attempt to obtain the book "The Truth About Organic Food", by Alex Avery, which I plan to read and review. Unfortunately I got an email today saying this-

A request you have placed has been cancelled by the interlibrary loan staff for the following reason: Few libraries own this title and none of them would lend it to us.

Now I am in a quandry. I really want to read this book and offer my honest opinion about it's content, however, I really hadn't planned to buy it and anyway, it is for sale at Amazon new for $19.95. That is a lot of money for a book that I will probably read once, and I am really trying not to buy new books. So for now my plan is to try to find it in one of the used bookstores in my area and take it from there.

My children did not want much for Christmas this year. Kendra wanted a "candy cane, and a doll", and Emily wanted "a dolly, a bed for my dolly, and,(not to be outdone by her big sister), a candy cane". It is for this reason, as well as the fact that we don't have a large family that I have finished all my holiday shopping. This year with my sustainable living mantra playing away in my head, I shopped at Heifer International, Oxfam, WWF, Changing Hands Bookstore, Bead It , The Doll House And Toy Store, and at the very lovely faire we went to a few weekends ago. I do have to confess that I also bought a few items at Target, although probably not as many as in years past. What's a girl on a strict budget to do?

I feel I must apologize in advance to those lucky people who will soon be the recipients of my homemade earings. You don't know who you are yet, but you soon will and really, you don't need to be polite. Do remember though, that it truly is the thought that counts! :)


Amy said...

I hope the entire Mo clan soon recovers so they they can fully enjoy all that this wonderful season brings. (*Said as I suffer from a sinus headache and nasal congestion.*)

Good luck looking for that book. Was anyone selling "used" on Amazon? Or perhaps ebay?

Or maybe your Christmas tree buddy could lend it to you for your review????? (hahahaha)

Mo said...

Haha Amy!

Amy said...

I like your new profile pic. Is that from your garden?

Mo said...

No Amy, it is actually from a hike we did out in the desert a few springtimes ago.