Saturday, January 24, 2009

Belated thanks for my prizes

I recently realized as I was perusing through Esther's archives on her blog LOOSE AND LEAFY, that she nominated me for a special prize way back in July of last year.

I remember Esther asking me if she could copy one of my pictures, but never really thought about it again. Now I see that I was most honored in receiving the "Esther Montgomery Memorial 'Prize' For a Particularly Memorable Picture". And to think, I never even realized. I need to nominate three other pictures for the same prize which I will do when I have decided which three they will be.

Thank you dear Esther, you made my day! :)

Thank you too dear Bo over at BODAAT for my Lemonade award. I am very grateful, and will try to get those other ten blogs nominated as soon as I can.


Titania said...

Hi Mo, it is raining cats and dogs so I had some time to catch up with you and your garden. The desert tree is so pretty, but I am sorry that you cut the pipe hasn't this happened to us all!? A belated happy birthday to your gorgeous daughter Emily. Tex seems to be his old self again and who would not be happy about that?
Congratulation on your award and winning a prize.

Mo said...

Thank you Titania and I am glad you are getting lovely rain!

bodaat said...

You're welcome!