Thursday, January 22, 2009

Happy Birthday Emily!

Three years ago today, a few minutes after midnight, Emily rushed headlong into our lives on what is the joint second best day of my life to date. (I have had some other pretty great days in my life too but the joy of having my babies beats them all).

Emmie took us completely by surprise because she was two weeks early, and I felt those first few overwhelming contractions as I was walking round IKEA. These soon led to many more overwhelming contractions, and almost five hours later, once I had got over the denial that I really WAS in labor, our perfect baby girl arrived into this beautiful world. (She was VERY close to being an unplanned homebirth!) To this day each time I go to IKEA and smell that cinnamon-ey smell that is piped to the entrance, it takes me right back to that wonderful January evening, and brings a tear to my eye.

Dearest Emily, Happy Birthday!

I love you my ever funny, sweet, feisty, happy little girl. Thank you for being in our lives, we love having you here!



leaner said...

How sweet. Happy Birthday to her!

Amy said...

Happy Third Birthday Emily! I hope she had a wonderful,happy, terrific, lovely, fun-filled memorable day.

Great picture, by the way. You are glowing with that lovely "I just had the most beautiful baby in the world" glow of motherhood. : )

Mo said...

Thank you Leaner! :)

Amy, Emmie LOVED the gift. Thank you SO much! Wish you were going to be here for her party but we will be thinking about you all. x

bodaat said...

Happy birthday monkey!!

spookydragonfly said...

Aw-w-w...What a sweet tribute to Emily! A sweet photo, too, you look like a happy mommy...I'm sure happy that the labor was over, too! I hope she had a very Happy Birthday!

Mo said...

Thank you Spookydragonfly and yes I was pretty happy with life around about the time that picture was taken!