Sunday, January 11, 2009

I thought this was supposed to be a green blog?

What with one thing and another, I seem to have strayed away from my primary blog theme of green issues so far this year. An occasional deviation would be OK I think, but nothing at all so far? Hmm, not so good.

And so this afternoon after I finished work I went outside to tend my garden. It has been pretty cool here, well cool for us, but nothing like so many of you are experiencing right now. I always think that I want to live somewhere that has snowy winters, but I have to admit that I have been a little less inclined to be outside the past few weeks even in our balmy coolness.

The garden looks OK. I still have radishes, and lots of them because now that I have discovered I can grow them, I find that none of my family will eat them. Typical, although I have to confess that I have never been very fond of them myself. I also have some lovely parsley, and a few spindly snow pea plants. This bed contains tiny leeks and green cabbages, spinach, carrot, cilantro, and dill plants.

There are also baby lettuces all over the place. I think there must have been a few stray seeds when I sowed them!

I have some maturing cauliflower and broccoli plants,

and the red cabbages are slowly forming heads. I am especially proud of my swiss chard which is producing well, and is delicious.

None of my kale grew well. I will have to try again. I also got caught out when our first frost of the season hit a few weeks ago, and my eggplants got frosted. I managed to cover them after that first night and they seem to be recovering now I am glad to say.

I harvested some baby lettuces and the first of the broccoli and cauliflower for dinner this evening. I have never grown either broccoli or cauliflower before and they are two of my favorite veggies. I can't believe that I actually managed to grow some myself.

I have a constant companion with me everywhere I go these days. Tex will not leave my side and now seems to view me as his exclusive master. It has been very nice though I have to admit after I thought we may lose him!

I start classes again tomorrow and didn't do many of the things that I had planned for my break. Time seems to be one of the most precious commodities around here these days.


Titania said...

Mo, I admire your Cauliflower and broccoli. I think I have to send the vegetable gardener over to your place to pick up some hints in growing these delicious vegetables.
I am glad for you that your companion Tex is on the mend.

Mo said...

Thank you Titania. From what I have seen though I don't think that your vegetable gardener needs much help in the gardening department! :)

spookydragonfly said...

You don't want to be in our weather right now, trust me on this! Broccolli and Cauliflower are my two faves along with green beans. Wish I could grow veggies, never had much luck. I am so glad Tex is better! He looks happy to snuggle with you!

Amy said...

Your veggies look divine, but I have to favorite picture is the last, with your furry companion tucked ever-so sweetly into the curvature of your neck.