Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Poorly Dog

There hasn't been anything very sustainable of note going on in our house over the past twenty four hours or so I am afraid. We do however have a very sick dog.

Tex, our youngest, and fuzziest dog started acting strangely yesterday afternoon. He was really hyper, running around and barking, a lot more then usual that is. I didn't think too much of it until the night when he continued to do this, and also started whimpering and crying. His tail was still wagging, but his ears were down, and he did not sleep all night. Needless to say neither did we. I hesitated all night thinking that I should take him to the emergency vet, but I have done this several times before with our other dogs being the neurotic dog owner that I am, only to find that I was over reacting and that they were just fine. I find it so hard to assess animals health, people are much easier, mainly because they can usually tell you how they feel.

By this morning however I knew that we had to get him seen immediately. He was obviously having trouble either peeing or pooping, I wasn't sure which, and he was exhausted. I got him seen first thing at our wonderful veterinarians office across the road. He noticed immediately that Tex's bladder was huge, and then did x-rays. From these he saw that Tex had two large stones in his bladder. The largest stone was blocking his urethra, and had caused his bladder to become obtructed. I felt TERRIBLE, and wished so much that I had taken him in during the night.

He was taken into surgery immediately and the stone was pushed back into the bladder, and then both the stones were removed. Our vet said that the bladder was so stretched out that it wouldn't have been too much longer before it would have ruptured. I am so thankful that it did not.

Right now Tex is acting so sick, and so miserable. There is still a danger that the bladder will tear apparently, and I am so worried about him. He ate a tiny piece of chicken just now, and is dribbling urine both of which are good signs, but he is also still acting very sick, and is so not himself.

I hope that he has a better night tonight with painkillers on board, and that tomorrow is a better day in our house.

We love you very much Tex, please get well soon so that you can be running around the backyard, and digging it up again very soon. I don't mind, honest!


bodaat said...

Ohhh...that breaks my heart Mo. That really does. I sincerely hope that he feels better tomorrow. Poor thing. I can relate to how you feel. With both Shila and my past cat Harry's constant ailments (and high vet bills I might add) that kind of stress is not pleasant. Tex and you all are in my thoughts! Give him a pet from me.

Amy said...

Poor dear Tex. My heart goes out to him (and you). I can imagine how you are feeling right now. Worried. Anxious. Scared.

You don't realize how much you love a pet until something like this happens. And then all their annoying, aggravating, and (at times) destructive antics don't seem quite nearly as annoying or aggravating.

Get well soon, Tex. You've got some holes to dig!

Mo said...

Thank you my friends! He seems a little brighter this morning and did manage to get a little rest. I am taking him back for another check up today. I would let him dig as many holes as he liked again to be well!