Saturday, January 10, 2009


I am sorry for leaving you hanging. I have had a few emails asking how our fuzzy pooch is doing but I only have a moment right now.

The news is good, he seems to be getting better every day, and is almost back to himself, though is definitely more subdued than is normal for him. Thank you everyone for the good wishes, I really appreciate them all! I know it might seem strange to some of you out there to be so upset over a dog, but really, our dogs are so much a part of our family, and they mean the world to us all. I am very happy and relieved that he seems to be doing OK now.

Thank you too Bo for my award. Very exciting, and I can't wait to nominate others out there as soon as I get the time.


Liisa said...

I am so glad to hear that Tex is doing better!! Our pets are like part of the family, too, so I understand how stressful this must have been. Give him an extra cookie from me. : )

Mo said...

Thank you SO much Liisa! :) We are relieved too. Now we are contending with his incontinence which the vet says will hopefully resolve but that is a very fair trade for me considering he is getting better. :)