Thursday, January 8, 2009

Update On Poorly Dog

It feels as though the past 48 hours have been consumed by Tex and his health issues. Of all our dogs I never imagined that it would be him facing this now because he is the youngest, and after a somewhat rocky start, has always been very healthy. Oh well, that's life right?

The vet remains "cautiously optimistic" that he is recovering. He definitely seems brighter today, managed to grab some broken sleep last night, and is peeing, albeit very small amounts, frequently.

I have been over the road to the vets twice today, once this morning for a general check up, and again just now so that they could do a urinalysis, and add another antibiotic to the one he is already on. The urinalysis among other things showed cells from the bladder lining apparently which could mean that the bladder is sloughing off damaged cells and is healing, or well, I prefer not to think of the other option and will focus on the former. His kidneys seem to be working OK again after becoming somewhat impaired due to the severe blockage yesterday. Tex's ears are up today, his eyes are bright, and he is eating and drinking small amounts. All good signs.

I am so grateful that we have our wonderful veterinarian literally across the street who is both skilled, and extremely patient and caring. I am also grateful that we have some savings because without them it wouldn't be pretty right now. Finally I am grateful that today has been a better day, and I feel sure that tomorrow will be better still, and that we will soon have our bright and bouncy Tex back in full force.

I am also acutely aware that our beloved family dog has probably received a great deal more high-tech, and extensive health care over the past two days days than millions of people are receiving in many countries around the world right now. Certainly a very sobering, and humbling thought for me.


bodaat said...

Poor Tex! I'm so glad to hear that he is doing a bit better today. That is indeed good news - all of that really does matter. Poor thing. Gosh I remember the feeling of having to just wait and see how Shila would do after her surgery. She whined through her sleep for a whole day after I brought her home. I hope that Tex continues to get better! Thank you for keeping us posted. I was going to send you an email to find out how he was doing. Give him my love! I hope you too are hanging in there. I know it's tough. I am sending lots of positive thoughts out for Tex and all of you too.

Amy said...

I am happy to hear Tex seems to be doing a bit better. He is lucky to have you as his owner. I know many who could not/would not have provided the tender, loving care you are bestowing on him.

Keep us updated. I'll be praying.

Titania said...

Tex is such a beautiful and lovable looking dog. I hope he recovers fully. Our pets are members of the family so we try to give them the same attention when they are feeling poorly. I had a Jack Russel,Sophie who had this problem. She had one stone removed medicinally with a special diet and recovered fully.

spookydragonfly said...

I feel your heartbreak through your words...I sure hope Tex stays on the mend! It does hurt us when our animals hurt. I'll say a little prayer for him. He's fortunate to have such a loving human!

Mo said...

Thank you everyone for your kind thoughts and prayers! Tex seems to be continuing to recover which is all good news. He's beginning to run around a little again as well which is great to see. :)