Thursday, January 29, 2009


I have been feeling very fragmented of late. I have a ton of things that need to be done around the house and yard, and yet it seems to be all I can do to keep up with the washing, and produce food for my family. I usually try to clean the entire house around this time of year as well, and have yet to even begin.

Anyway, it is time for some updates. I am doing pretty well with compacting I think. We have eaten out at Sweet Tomatoes a couple of times over the past two months which breaks my rules, but was such good value with the 99 cent kids meal vouchers we had. We rarely eat out so it is a treat to go there. I also bought Kendra a few pairs of pants and tops at Target because they were such a great deal, and because there seems to be a dearth of clothes her size at the consignment and thrift stores I go to of late. They always seem to have loads of baby clothes though. Robert made a fantastic little bed rail from salvaged wood for Emmie's crib because after we finally took the side off, she had been rolling out a lot. All that is really for another post though.

The girls and I planted four kinds of peppers, four types of tomatoes, tomatillo's, and more basil into salvaged nursery stock trays which I use again and again. They are on the patio where I hope they are sheltered enough.

It hasn't been too cold at night so far this winter. I think we have only had two nights below freezing so everything else is doing well. I still have a ton of swiss chard. I always seem to be really good at growing one thing each growing season, and mediocre at the rest. I was running out of recipes to use this lovely veg' until to my delight I found this post from Farmgirl Fare's blog where there are many great recipes, all of which I will be trying.

I have been waiting to get enough time to relax and look through the amazing and beautiful catalog for Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds, and this evening I am going to make the time. I haven't planted a lot of heirloom seeds so far, and so I will probably order a few packets next week.

We also had some kind of hawk on the back patio this afternoon. I think it was going for the birds on the feeder because suddenly there was a terrific commotion as they all tried to fly away, and then there was the hawk perched on the chiminea. I ran to get my camera, but of course it had gone by the time I came back. I have never seen one so close to the house before, and it was an amazing sight. I never seem to have my camera in the right place at the right time.


Amy said...

What a lovely post. What exactly are "heirloom" seeds?

Mo said...

Heirloom seeds are seeds that have been passed down through the generations, that have not been altered in any way genetically. They often provide many different, and unique varieties of each fruit/ vegetable compared to the hybrids that are sold in most larger stores.

spookydragonfly said...

I think I've said this before, but your girls are so adorable! It's nice to see them helping out and learning about the growing process while they are so young. My camera is just about always on the kitchen table...ready to go!

Mo said...

Thank you Spookydragonfly! I need to be better about taking my camera wherever I go because I have missed a few great photo opportunities.

Esther Montgomery said...

Baby clothes in Charity shops . . .

I know someone who knitted a matinee jacket for her baby. When her daughter grew out of it, she passed it on to another family who were about to have a baby. A couple of years after that, she came across the same jacket in a charity shop and bought it back for her daughter to dress her doll in. Full circle!

Esther Montgomery

Mo said...

That's a great story Esther! :)