Thursday, February 12, 2009

Cooking Frenzy

The cooler, rainy weather we have been having recently has inspired me to cook lots of comfort type foods over the past few days.

For my family, what should have been beef stew, but ended up being a mixture of beef and pork due to the thievery of one of my dogs!

And chicken soup.

And for me Borscht which is a funny color because I used golden beets that I got in our last veggie Co-op pick up. It tastes really good!

I also made some bread for dipping.

Makes me feel all warm and cozy inside.


Anonymous said...

Hey You
I'm finally back on the internet!!!
Yah now i can leave you a message anytime, without it being to late to call. Sorry i haven't lately it's been one sick day after another, first Steve was sick then Lily came down with what they believe was Scarlet Fever, now Maddie and I are hopefully finishing up the last stages of whatever this illness is but it hasn't been easy especially for poor Maddie. I hope everyone down there is healthy, that food you made looks absolutely heart warming and delicious. I hope it's warm down there, here the wind howls like I have never heard before. The forecast is snow for the next four days, in the mid 30's during the day and 20's to teen's at night. I sure do miss you all so much!!!!LOVE!!!Crystal

Mo said...

I think I owe you a call actually. Glad you are all on the mend. Kendra is sick right now just because I was just saying how healthy they have both been so far this winter! :) I am jealous of the snow but don't tell Robert, and I miss you terribly too! xxxx

bodaat said...

Hi Martha Stewart, where did Mo go? :)

Mary Sharpe said...

Makes me feel hungry!

Haven't made bread in a long time - to many distractions, irregular hours and draughts.

Mary (Esther) Sharpe

Amy said...

Everything looks so good! Soup is the best cold weather food, isn't it? What is borscht?

I hope Kendra gets to feeling better soon. And that nobody else falls ill.

Mo said...

Ha ha funny person, where did Bo go?? :):)

Mary, I make my bread with the not insignificant help of my bread machine. Without it there would be no bread.

Amy, Borscht is an Eastern European soup made from beets. It is usually purple, unless one uses golden beets.