Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Crime Scene

When I went out to water the veggie garden this morning I gasped in horror at what I found.

Complete cabbage patch destruction.

Cabbage leaves everywhere,

Plants uprooted, stalks munched through,

and all the precious heads gone, completely vanished.

After I got over the intital shock I realized that nothing else in the garden had been touched, nothing at all.

I rapidly went through all of the five stages of grief, over the course of about a minute or two, and then tried to grapple with the question of what could have caused so much focused destruction.

I have had some minor issues with something digging in my garden before, but nothing like this.

Could it be rats? havalina's? A huge, rare, cabbage eating bird? was it vandalism?

When I didn't come up with anything that sounded the least bit realistic I did the only thing I could think of in a situation such as this, I called my Mum.

"Rabbits!" she said. Ah, yes of course, silly me, of course it was rabbits.

"But Mum", I said, "why wouldn't they have touched anything else, like all my lovely, green, luscious lettuces?"

"Ah", she said, "they are saving those for tonight!"

At that I sprinted outside and hastily constructed chicken wire reinforcements along the open end of my veggie garden. I buried it 5 inches or so in case they decide my lovely lettuces are worth the extra effort of digging.

Now I will just have to wait and see what I find tomorrow morning.


cherry said...

lol ... funny Mum !
I would have been in tears .. maybe you should stand guard ?

You could have rabbit stew tomorrow to go with those beautiful greens..
hugs, Cherry

Amy said...

Horrific pictures! You ought to warn a girl before posting such ghastly crime scenes! ; )

bodaat said...

Oh dear! I hope your fencing works. I thought it might be your doggies but it sounds like the little bunnies are up to no good. Hope you're ok. Our dogs are pulling out my flowers one plant at a time. I told them both off last night furiously waving a yanked plant in my hand. My neighbors must think I'm loony. I haven't gone outside today to check. I just don't even want to know. Big sigh.

leaner said...

AH! I hope that nothing else gets touched. Good luck to your garden!

Mo said...

Haha Amy. You made me LOL :):)

Sorry about your plant issues Bo. You need to get together with Amy because she has similar issues with her doggies and her plants.

Leaner, thanks! All OK so far this morning. Lets hope it lasts!

Mid-life Midwife, CPM said...

Oh! I feel your pain! We battled with a groundhog who ate my broccoli row all summer long! I had a live trap with lovely things to eat in it for 2 months and he just walked around it and ate the broccoli. Grrr! and *sob!*

Amber~ Care and Feeding of Wild Things said...

De-lurking here to tell you I really love your blog! And I am so sorry those wascally wabbits got your cabbages. Hopefully your new fence outwits them.

Mo said...

I am sorry about your broccoli too MLMW I had to giggle though at the visual of your ground hog successfully skirting your cunning plan to trap it! :)

Thank you SO much Amber. I am now having doubts about the rabbit theory. It would have had to have been a lot, or some very big bunnies to eat all of them. But if not bunnies then what? The plot thickens!

Green Resolutions said...

That's heartbreaking! Your mum is hilarious, though :)

Mo said...

Thanks GR, she is a pretty funny lady! :)

Anonymous said...

Hey you
Thanks for the card!!! It would have been nice to have had some tea with you on my birthday, although I don't think it would have been the only thing we would have put in our cups. I sure do miss you all. I hope your fencing works! Love Crystal

Gail - Fort Rock Glimpses said...

Very nice blog. I too live in a desert but I am sure it is quite different. I live in the High Desert country of eastern Oregon. It would be more realistic to call it a sagebrush steppe. I have been raided like you... Just when my carrots were ready, to the day, I went out to harvest and a gopher had gone down the line and mowed them all. Arrrgh!

Mo said...

Thanks Gail! Yes, it is frustrating especially as they were just about ready to harvest. Oh well, I will try again, and this time be sure to critter proof everything! Looking forward to reading your blog often. :)

Bren said...

Looks like rabbits! We have a few farm cats that we take care of so I don't see any rabbits.
You have a wonderful blog filled with fabulous photos. I am going to follow you as I wait for spring to arrive in my neck of the woods.

Happy Gardening

Mo said...

Thank you so much Bren and welcome! Thank you too for your valued opinion as to what might be my cabbage thief. I would love to get a cat but am not sure our four dogs would approve! :) I look forward to visiting you at your blog too.

Bill Kisich said...

Ha Ha! Your Mum is a crack up! It never ceases to amaze me what can wiggle through the drain vents in a block fence. Chicken wire works pretty well for rabbits. Check for spaces around and under your gates. Hope you stand the siege.

Mo said...

Thanks Bill. Funny you mention that because I forgot to do anything about the drain vent at the bottom of the garden but luckily the wabbits don't seem to like anything else in there at the moment! :)