Thursday, February 5, 2009

A garden visitor

I have many lizards that reside in my vegetable garden. There is an entire family that lives in the bottom of the compost box which helps keep flies to a minimum.

If I creep up slowly enough I can often catch them sunning themselves on rocks in the afternoon sun like this one was today.

He is very well camouflaged against the rock don't you think?

Here is a closer view.

Occasionally we get geckos too, and I am always happy to see them. I think they like it here because we don't spray anything that might harm them.


bodaat said...

What's the difference between a lizard and a gecko?

Amy said...

I love lizards. Scorpions and spiders....ech!!! But lizards? They can come into my yard anyday!

Since we moved to Texas, I've had to catch a couple gecko's that had found their way into the house. (Don't worry, I didn't hurt them.) Better than the scorpions we were finding in our house in Gilbert! Creep me out to the max!

Mo said...

I think that geckos are just a different kind of lizard. Read this for more info!

Liisa said...

He's a handsome little guy. :) In the summer we get these bright orange salamanders in the woods behind our house... they are so cute. I keep hoping to get a picture of one, but they are kind of sneaky.

Mo said...

Yes Liisa, I had to really creep up on this guy. He knew I was there of course, but humored me long enough to get these not very good pictures! :)

Titania said...

Wonderful to have these neat lizards in your garden. Not using poisons benefits all.

Mo said...

I agree Titania! :)

Aiyana said...

I've been wondering where all my lizards are--I've only seen a few very small ones lately and usually I have dozens. I'm not sure if desert lizards hybrinate, but because they seem to disappear for a few months, I think they must. I tried researching this once, and did not find anything on it.

Mo said...

Aiyana, I was thinking the same thing myself until it got really warm again last week. I think they go to places to keep warm and come out to take full advantage of the sun when it is warm enough to heat them up! Thanks for stopping by.