Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Green soup, and greener goody bags

I have a lot of baby lettuce right now, many of them taking up space in places that they really shouldn't be due to some careless seed sowing on my part.

I picked several pounds of lettuce on Saturday and things are looking a lot tidier in the veggie patch right now. The other plants are rather relieved that they no longer have to push their way through, and around escaped lettuces. What though does one do with several pounds of lettuce?

Hmm, well there is always salad of course which accounts for about half a pound, and then what? Well, soups are always a good way to use up a glut of vegetables, so I consulted my trusty Covent Garden Soup Company Book of Soups which has been well used over the years, feeling sure that there would be a lettuce recipe. Of course there was! I ended up using but adapting the "Lettuce and Lovage Soup" recipe which was not surprisingly in the "unusual soups" chapter.

I didn't have any lovage, in fact I don't know what lovage is, but apparently it has a flavor a little like celery, and so I used celery instead. I fried up some onion in olive oil, and then added potato, lettuce, vegetable stock, celery, and salt and pepper which I cooked for twenty minutes or so.

I then blended it and added half and half, and a little more seasoning.

The result is a very gently flavored, very green soup which I really like, but which my family don't seem to be too enamored with. Ah well, all the more for me, and I am glad I managed to use up all of those lettuces!

It was also Emmie's belated birthday party at the weekend, and I have been going through through my usual thing of trying to think of ideas for greener goody bags.

I ended up buying some little melon and pumpkin seed pots, and some recycled gift bags from Target, and Robert bought a little box of chocolates for each child that were apparently a great deal at Costco.

Not bad, I managed to avoid any plastic trinkets, the chocolates can be eaten, the bags reused or recycled, and the seeds planted. It seemed like we still ended up with a ridiculous amount of non recyclable waste from the actual party of course.

Party pictures to follow.

EDIT- I just discovered that the little boxes of chocolates were contained in a plastic non- recyclable box unfortunately, not the cardboard one I had expected. :(


Amy said...

Mmmm, that soup sounded good! And looked good too.

I saw those little seed packs at Lowe's over the weekend and almost got some for the girls. Let me know how they turn out. I may go back and pick some up. : )

bodaat said...

Yes that soup did look pretty yummy! I've never heard of soup made from lettuce...I'm intrigued. :)