Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Guilty Pleasures and Coffee Breaks

After I finish work every Tuesday night I sit, relax, and indulge a secret, and guilty pleasure of mine by watching The Real Housewives of Orange County.

I hardly watch any TV but for some reason I am totally addicted to this show, and all of the other "Real Housewife" shows that are on Bravo. I am completely fascinated by the women in these shows mainly because I can't really believe that they are real, and also perhaps because they are so completely different to everything that I am. Every week I sit watching, my mouth agape, and I can hardly believe what I am seeing. And yet every week I am drawn back into their lives for some unfathomable reason. I am wierd I know.

Right now as a result of staying up way too late to watch a ridiculous TV show I am struggling to get my day started as I sit and contemplate six days off work, and all that I need to be doing. I really want to go outside and putz around in the sunshine, and play in the soil, but for now I think I will just sit, relax, and enjoy Emily's antics while I drink another cup of coffee.


leaner said...

Everyone is admitting to their "guilty pleasure" right now.

I really rarely watch actual tv. I do watch an episode of Friends every day (sometimes more) or Frasier. I prefer tv with no commercials. It makes me want less. Plus I can watch it when I want to. (I do miss Tivo, I loved the DVR.) said...

Seriously... if you have six days off, take at least the first day to completely drag around. Give yourself some permission to have another cup of coffee (or prosecco!) and enjoy your time off.

Have fun!!

Amy said...

I hear you...those reality shows are horribly addicting. Just look at me and America's Next Top Model! We all have our guilty pleasures, don't we?

Mo said...

I too love Frasier and watch it if it happens to be on. Otherwise, apart from my dreadful but addictive Housewives show give me a good book, and a spare hour and I am a happy girl.

Thanks Shibaguyz, I feel better now. :)

Yes Amy, nothing like those guilty pleasures.

bodaat said...

Gosh I sometimes find myself watching that too - especially if it's a marathon. Those ladies make my jaw drop too but I can't help but be fascinated!

Mo said...

I'm with you Bo!

Mid-life Midwife, CPM said...

OMG! Me too! I can't tear my eyes off those hussies! Ironically, we never watch tv because we've never really had many channels. In January, I bought my husband 6 months of cable for his birthday so that he can watch the Speed channel (car races, bike races, etc).
I've always been the snobby anti-tv chick in the house and yet it is ME who has spent the most time watching it-- mostly The Real Housewives of OC!
For shame! ;)

Mo said...

Ha ha MLMW! Well I am happy to be in such good company at least.