Monday, February 9, 2009

Here's what's growing in the veggie patch....

Giant radishes, (I want to see just how big they can get!)

Tomato plants,



Snow pea plants with flowers at last!






Swiss chard,


and nasturtiums, minus flowers right now.

I also have some tiny beet seedlings that are really too small to photograph at the moment.

I only hope that all the vegetable plants produce some actual veggies in the not too distant future!


bodaat said...

How much are you charging? I'm seriously impressed over here.

Mo said...

Ha ha! :) said...

We are SSSOOOO jealous right now!! It snowed again here last night... everything is still in its overwinter stasis... sigh... We'll live vicariously through you until our real Spring hits!

Lucy said...

Things are coming on!

And what variety!

I especially envy you your curly leaved parsley. (Not very struck on the flat leaved sort. Find it rather taseteless.) What I want is a long row that I can go out and munch. It doesn't like my soil but the slugs like it - so I just have small amounts in pots on the windowsill - it just isn't the same!


Amy said...

Would you look at all that green goodness! You've got yourself a little salad bar over there!

Mo said...

Shibaguyz, it wont be long before you have your glorious jungle back again, and are drowning in tomatoes! :)

Lucy, the flat leaf parsley definitely grows better here but I do have a few curly leafed parsley plants that are doing quite well now.

Amy, it is all ready at the same time though so I might be making some more lettuce soup!