Sunday, February 22, 2009

Small Green Victories

Sometimes I feel as though the task of trying to guide us towards more sustainable living is rather an uphill battle in our house. Then something small happens like it did today, and I know that we truly are making progress.

My husband is a huge fan of all things chemical. Chemicals for killing weeds, eliminating pests, cleaning, scrubbing, fixing, unblocking, you name it, he has a favorite chemical for it. It has taken me a long time, and lots of chemical confiscation to even begin to convince him that all his chemicals are banned in our house.

I bought a sink plunger many months ago to use in place of those awful, toxic, de-clogging chemicals that don't work anyway. It's great, although Robert hasn't been very convinced until now.

Earlier today after inexplicably deciding to plunge our slow running sinks he stated "Wow, this thing actually works great, I never thought it would, but it really does!"

Finally I think that some of my incessant nagging may have paid off.

It truly is a greener day at our house!


Amie said...

thanks for your kind comments on my blog! and wow...I've never even heard of that sink plunger thing!

Rail Life said...

sometimes, it's the little things that count. :-)
I'm glad I found your blog, it has a lot of great information!

Esther Montgomery said...

Perhaps you could persuade him that the plunger's effectiveness is based in science . . . he might like other scientific 'proofs' as well.

Esther Montgomery

Mo said...

You are welcome Amie! I often lurk and thought it was time to make myself known. Thank you for visiting here too, and really, our sink plunger is my new favorite toy! :)

Absolutely Rail Life and thank you for stopping by! I often stop by and visit you too. I got loads of great updates about the light rail from you.

Esther, do I detect more than a hint of sarcasm? :) He really is very science based, it is just hard trying to break habits of a life time sometimes. Thanks for visiting as always! x

Esther Montgomery said...

No, there wasn't any sarcasm Mo.

It's just that many people find 'alternative' methods perfectly acceptable if they see the sound scientific principles behind them. Sometimes it's worth coming from that angle.


P.S. The most interesting thing I found about this post is that I didn't know anyone is unfamiliar with plungers.

And it's not just the official version . . . if I think the water is being a little sluggish when leaving the handbasin, I bounce the plug up and down in the plug hole. You hear a little glug . . . and everything runs smoothly again. E.

Bill Kisich said...

That is a cool Plunger! I want one... or two maybe. :-p

Old habits are hard to break for us guys. Especially if we are busy.

Glad I found your Blog.

Mo said...

Hi Bill, love your blog and will be going back later today to read it all!

Also love your comment about guys, and I am gentle with mine when I nag I promise! :)

Interesting reading your water information, a topic I am obsessed with living here! We will be getting our irrigation done later in the year so I may be giving you a call. I agree that automatic watering is often wasteful. My neighbours irrigation always floods and runs off down the street. Drives me crazy.

bodaat said...

Victory is oh so sweet. ps - very cool looking plunger!

Green Resolutions said...

Hmmm. I wish I'd read this a week ago. My husband came home with some awful stuff for our tub. EVEN THOUGH we still have some in the last bottle he bought. Know what he said, "I bought the small bottle because I know you don't like using this stuff." ARGH!

I'm hoping I can get enough vinegar & baking down the drain to fix it before he has time to get in there. And I was thinking of buying one of those hair trap things. Maybe I need a sink plunger, too!

Mo said...

Hi Green Resolutions,

Sounds like our hubby's have even more in common than we thought! :)

I have spent literally YEARS trying to wean mine off all the chemical stuff, and although he appears not to hear me at the time, it does seem to finally be getting through.

These plungers are THE BEST!!! Definitely worth the plastic they are made off.