Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Love This!

I don't generally endorse products on my blog, apart perhaps from sink plungers. However I love these particular products so much that I simply have to recommend them to all of you out there.

These razors, and toothbrushes are from Preserve which is the company that recycles number 5 plastics, and uses them to make all of their products. You may remember them from my recent Let's Recycle Number 5's post.

Preserve make personal products such as razors and toothbrushes. They also make great, colorful kitchenware such as food containers, colanders, and measuring cups, as well as tableware. Much of it is made from recycled yogurt pots.

The razor handles can be used again and again with replacement blades, and when you have finally used your razor until you can use it no more, you can mail it back to Preserve in a postage paid envelope so that it can be recycled again. Hopefully very soon many Wholefood stores will have drop off points where Preserve products, and other number 5 plastics can be left.

I love the toothbrushes which can be recycled in a similar way. The ones pictured here are for children. Preserve has partnered with The National Wildlife Federation to illustrate an endangered species on each brush and package so that you can educate your children while they brush.

All Preserve products are manufactured in the USA with recycled content, as is all their packaging. They are also BPA free, and no testing is done on animals during the manufacturing process.

Preserve products can be ordered online, although you have to factor in postage and packing if you shop this way. Increasingly I find that my local stores are stocking them, and have recently found Preserve products at my local Fry's supermarket, and at Trader Joes. Often though they don't stock the full range, so call first if you have a specific product that you wish to purchase.

Really, if you are serious about reducing your overall waste, and supporting a company that truly stands for the environmental slogan "Reduce, Reuse, Recycle", Preserve products are a great option.

Oh and I promise I am not getting a single cent to say so!


Bren said...

Those are pretty nifty. I am glad that you shared this product on your blog today. I really had no idea there were recycle goodies for the bathroom!
Happy Wednesday Dear Garden Friend!

Amber~ Care and Feeding of Wild Things said...

Cool! I will be looking for these products :)

Mo said...

I am glad you like them, and happy Wednesday to you too Bren!

Hi Amber, they are definitely worth looking for IMHO! :)

Green Resolutions said...

I second the vote for the toothbrushes!