Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Busy, busy

Things have been very busy around here. We have been out and about every day seeing lots of fun stuff, so much so that I haven't even given a thought to what we will be doing for Earth Day this year. There are always events going on so I will need to spend some time this evening taking a look see.

We did take some time out from sightseeing last weekend to plant the new lemon tree that Dad insisted on buying for me. I am still a little hesitant because I know citrus takes a lot of water, but it is rather special because is was a gift from my Dad. We wont ever be able to move now, at least, not unless we take the lemon tree with us!

We decided to plant it in the veggie garden because it gets a lot of sun, and the tree will one day provide welcome shade for the veggies I hope.

Dad persuaded me that my lovely, and huge Globemallow needed to be moved to accommodate the little tree. I felt really sad so we attempted to transplant in another area of the yard. I am not sure how successful it will be because the roots were incredibly deep, and I am sure they got somewhat damaged in the moving process, but I am keeping my fingers crossed for its ultimate survival.

The little tree appears to be doing well and already has some new growth which is great.

Here are a few pictures of our trip to Kitt Peak National Observatory on Monday. It was a great day with perfect weather and we learned a lot.

Anyway, must fly. Off to Flagstaff tomorrow for a couple of days.

We will all need a long rest next week!


bodaat said...

Consider this your first official order for left-over lemons! Your veggie garden is looking great. :)

Amber~ Care and Feeding of Wild Things said...

Ooooh! Think of the limoncello you could make with your lemons!

All the blue sky and sunshine you are getting is glorious! It is still sputtering snow here in Northern Nevada... and sun, wind, rain, hail, it can't make up its' mind here.

Enjoy your days out and about!

Esther Montgomery said...

Mo - Thanks for becoming a follower of Esther's Boring Garden Blog!

I'm just about to press the button for today's post - which is about you and Green Desert. I hope this is ok and that you enjoy it.

If not, let me know and I'll change it or delete it . . . but I hope that won't be the case and that you like it!


spookydragonfly said...

Hi Mo...I know what you mean about gifted plants. If we move, I would have to attempt to dig up quite a few plants...and maybe a couple of trees! We've transplanted one Willow tree that was about 7 feet tall about five times, it's still here. Amazing how tough plants can be. Beautiful series of captures here!

Monica the Garden Faerie said...

Ooh, Kitt Peak! I remember it from Cosmos plus I have a friend who teaches astronomy. Hello, by the way. I stopped by from a link at Esther's!

Amy said...

Yes, you do sound as if you have been very busy. But a good type of busy. : )

Can't wait to see the pics from Flagstaff.

Miss you.

Mo said...

Thanks Bo, you are officially top of the list, if and when the lemons arrive!

Amber, I spoke to a good friend who lives in your neck of the woods today and she said the same about the weather you are having.

Oh and can you do a post about limoncello so that I know how to make it when I have lemons please?? :)

Dear Esther, as always you make me smile, and feel all happy and warm inside. Thank you, and how funny you are. x

Thank you Spookydragonfly. Hope your computer is behaving, and I am so glad I am not alone in my emotional attachment to plants. We're a funny lot us gardeners aren't we?

Dearest Amy, back now and SO SO sorry to still not have called you. I will tomorrow, so much to catch up on, and I miss you too of course, always. xxxxx

Mo said...

Hi Monica, thanks so much for stopping by! I will be over to see you shortly. :)