Monday, April 27, 2009

Dirt Therapy

I spent almost the entire day in the garden on Saturday, and got a lot of stuff done that needed doing.

The weather has been beautiful, in the mid 80's, and it is hard to believe that this wont last for very much longer. We are making the most of it while it is here though with open windows and doors all day, and barbecues most evenings.

I dedicated Saturday to Earth Day as it rather passed me by this year I am afraid. All the travelling we have been doing lately has made me feel rather guilty, and certainly not like I had any reason to be celebrating Earth Day with a clear conscience. I felt like getting my hands dirty would take me back to basics with the added benefit of making me feel a little better about Dad leaving, which it did, somewhat.

The little desert willow tree I planted a couple of months ago is nearly in bloom. I am hoping the blossom will be a soft, pale pink because blossom color can vary on these trees, and one can't tell until the blossom emerges in spring.

I have many new leaves on the little lemon tree that Dad and I planted. It seems to like it in it's new home.

I have also finally managed to grow some half decent looking radishes even though I say so myself. I have yet to convince my family that they are desirable to eat though because they are quite hot.

The sunflowers I planted to shade the eastern side of my little garden are growing well, though need to get a bit taller yet to serve their real purpose.

I have plenty of tomatoes on the more mature plants. These are currently propped up with some old wire fences I had which saved me from buying tomato cages, and reused something at the same time. I have heard that it is better to let the plants lie along the ground when it gets hot because they remain cooler that way, as long as the fruit is protected from the earth. I may try that, I shall see.

Here are zucchini plants to the left, and a couple of pumpkin plants to the right, with nasturtiums down the middle which are supposed to keep aphids away. I am not sure if this is because the aphids don't like nasturtiums and stay away entirely, or whether they like them a lot, so much so that they wont bother with the other plants. Does anyone else know?

Here are some less mature tomato plants, and also tomatillo plants which have lots of flowers on them. They are probably too close together, but I am not thinning them for now to wait and see in case they are fine. You can also see a couple of little basil bushes. Can't wait to get started on the Pesto again this year!

Here are cucumbers, swiss chard, beets, and Ichiban eggplants in the foreground, and carrots, spinach, and leeks in the background. The leeks seem to be taking their time to grow, but the swiss chard has been prolific to say the least.

Here is a view of the garden from the back with another new addition, a little orange tree that Dad also bought for me, although it is a little difficult to see here. I planted it on Saturday and hope that it does as well as the lemon tree. One day both trees will shade my little garden beautifully I hope.

This post turned out to be much longer than I intended because it appears a lot has been growing around here.

Before I go though I have to show you these lovely new leaves on my favorite globemallow bush that we transplanted. It is doing great and I am truly happy that I listened to Dad, and moved it to it's new home!


Shibaguyz said...

Your edibles look GREAT!! Congrats on the gorgeous radishes. I'll tell you my fav way to eat them:

Slice them thin along with thinly sliced cucumbers and put them on the counter in a bowl. Cover them all in a sweet, rice wine vinegar, put a towel over the bowl and let them set there for a day. Pop them in the fridge overnight and the next day you have these wonderful, sweet, slightly spicy "counter pickles" to munch on.

We make batches of them just about all summer long. Let us know if you try it!

Mo said...

Thanks Shibaguyz, I will definitely try that with the radishes. Might even encourage my family to eat them as well. :)

Jenn said...

Ah, your garden is beautiful!

Mo said...

Thank you sweet Jenn! :)