Friday, April 3, 2009

Does This Stuff Really Work?

I've tried several "natural" deodorants over the years that I have lived here in the desert. One or two seemed to work OK, although can one really tell oneself, or does one need a blindingly honest friend, or spouse to reveal the real truth?

Anyway, I have been hearing about "Crystal" deodorant for ages and thought it was time to give it a go. Have any of your tried it? Does it work? It's not cheap but is supposed to last for ages so I thought I would give it a whirl.

Just about the right time to try it out I think seeing as I am bracing myself for the start of our searingly hot summer in a mere few short weeks time. The winter has gone by so quickly this year. Sigh.


leaner said...

I have used it, and it did help with smell. It is only deodorant, so you will still sweat.
It also left a mess in my medicine cabinet and my husband hated that. He kept threatening to throw it out (and I suspect he did, as it is gone.) Don't drop it because the container will crack easily and that is why I think mine made a mess.

Amy said...

It is so nice to have my daily dose of Mo back. : )

Let us know how you like that deoderant.

I suppose another way to tell if it's not working would be taking note of whether or not people stand next to you in crowded places. Hehe.

Mo said...

Thanks Leaner. Good to know someone else in the desert has tried it and thinks it works. I used it yesterday and it did seem to I have to say!

The London Underground would have been the perfect place to try that because everyone is so jammed in. Shame I wont get a chance to try that. :)