Sunday, April 5, 2009


Since my Dad has been here we have been spending a lot of time in the garden which has been great. It has also made me restless to get started on the many projects that I am planning this summer.

I really need a bigger veggie patch and have decided to extend the area I already have. Just outside the area I have now is a sand pit that is filled in. It is quite large and has a nice wooden edging which would make it a perfect place to plant more veggies. I will need to dig out all the sand and replace it with top soil and compost. I foresee lots of heavy digging work ahead of me. Robert says he will move the little white fence I have now and put it further back to protect this new area from foraging animals such as dogs! It will give me a lot more space this Fall for bigger veggie plants such as melons, and squash.

I want to remove all our bermuda grass. In order to do this I will need to start watering it again to get it growing well, mow it, and then apply two treatments of Round Up to kill it. I hate to use anything like this but my research has shown me that this is the only effective way to remove this insidious grass for good. After that we need to get the irrigation re- done, and rocks and fine gravel put down. Eventually I will put in more accent plants too. This wont be cheap. I can do the gravel, but I am not up to big boulders and irrigation. I got quotes last fall for this and staggeringly they ranged from $2,900 which was the cheapest, to $7,000! Obviously that isn't going to happen for a while unless we get a windfall of cash.

I am thinking more and more each day about chickens. I have the perfect shady area for a chicken coop and Dad agrees that it would work well. According to our city ordinance I would only have to ask for permission from one neighbour because it would be within 80 feet of their property. They are the quite nice neighbours we have too. Not that the others aren't nice, I just can't see them going for a chicken coop within the vicinity of their home. Now I just have to pretend to be assertive and go round and ask them! Nightmare, I am not at all assertive and this will be a real test for me.

I am also thinking about getting a lemon tree. I have been a little hesitant with citrus because they need a lot of water, but it would be nice to get fresh lemons I have to admit.

Obviously not all of this is going to happen this summer due to time and money, but it feels good to have a plan to start some of it at least.


Amy said...

Do you think offering your neighbors fresh eggs as compensation for having a chicken coup near their property would help?

I'm excited about your getting hens. I've been having a ton of fun with my pigeons. Which have already multiplied from two to three. (Pictures to follow....eventually.)

leaner said...

I love the idea of chickens, but the reality of them is a little more than I want to deal with. I have friends with chickens that sometimes give me fresh eggs. I am not an egg eater, so maybe that is the biggest issue I have.

Also, my raised bed garden, that I finished putting up in Feb is still empty. The dog has been digging away in it, but I need to have dirt delivered, and a drip line run to it... not happening any time soon. But I have a lot of nice looking plants in my old garden bed. Maybe I should have kept it all there. I could still move it back... so many decisions.

Mo said...

Amy, can't wait to see the pics of your new baby!

Leaner, I am only thinking of getting a couple of chickens, not a major hen raising operation because I know that they are a lot of work. I love eggs though so that may account for my desire. :)
And I know what you mean about decisions..............

bodaat said...

Oooooh, I love reading about your gardening plans! It's exciting stuff!! :) Also - sorry I haven't called you back as yet. I was planning on tonight and then I just suddenly got reallllllly tired.