Friday, April 24, 2009


Dad left last night. He flew to Vancouver, and will stay there for a week before flying back to Greece next week.

I felt awful all day yesterday, and only slightly better today. Tears keep leaking out of my eyes silently as I think about how long it may be before we are together again. I know I should be remembering all the fun we have had, and looking forward to more good times in the future, but today all of that seems a long way away, and I just miss my Dad.

Dad and I got a lot of stuff done in the garden while he was here because that is what we have always done together for as long as I can remember. I have a beautiful lemon tree, tension wires on the garden wall to train plants along, and the transplanted Globemallow is sprouting new leaves madly which makes me happier than you can ever know. I also have lots of lovely garden-type memories to add to my existing ones, and I am hoping that they will make me feel better over the next few days as I miss my Dad so much.

There is lots going on in the veggie garden, not least of which is the never ending swiss chard which are apparently the veggies that just keep on producing! I plan to spend all weekend outside, and will post some picture updates soon.

For now though I am going to take my fragile self outside, and sit quietly for a while in an attempt to gather myself together today so that I am not quite as weepy and sad.


Mid-life Midwife, CPM said...

Big hugs to you, Mo.
Think of what a warm-fuzzy it will be to step into your garden, look around and remember your Dad and the work you did together. xo

fullfreezer said...

Go, sit in the sun and remember the work you two did together. Hopefully it will make him seem nearer.
Hugs, Judy

bodaat said...

i know how you feel Mo. time is what makes it hurt just a little bit less. i'm wishing your heart lots of rest and comfort. love you lots!

Mo said...

Thank you all!

I feel a little better today mostly due I am sure to the fact I chatted to Dad this morning. It was so nice to hear his voice.

I have been outside in our lovely weather all day and that always calms me too. So, all in all I am healing a little day by day. Thank you all for your kinds thoughts and hugs. xx

Titania said...

Goodbyes from loved ones are always hard. And as more one thinks about it as weepier one gets. Weeping is a relief and is very much OK. You had a lovely time with your dad. Same interests; telephone calls are not expensive anymore. It is not the real thing but it helps a lot.

Grandpa said...

"Parting is such sweet sorrow."
In my old age I to find my eyes silently filling with tears. Such sweet memories; my two little lovely grandchildren, your great husband and you of whome I am so proud. I love you all and miss you and your wonderful garden. I will be thinking of you when I am home and tending my grape vines. Love, Grandpa

Mo said...

Dad, thank you, and we too are thinking about you constantly as we go about our days. Love and miss you! x

bodaat said...

oh my gosh, that brought tears to my eyes.