Monday, May 4, 2009


As I was collecting our mail from the mail box a little while ago, I met our neighbour, also collecting her mail. She is a nice lady, and so is her hubby. I mean I don't know them well because they keep themselves to themselves, but they are always friendly and pleasant. These are the neighbours that I will need to get written permission from if I am to get the chickens I so desire.

Our city ordinance states that if one has less than 10,000 sq ft of land, (which would be very a large backyard for this area), one must get written permission from any neighbour who has a structure that will be within 80 ft of an enclosed chicken coop. Because of the size and shape of our backyard, we don't have any place we can put a coop that wouldn't be within 80 ft of at least one neighbours house, and having weighed up my options, I decided that these particular neighbours would be the best ones to ask.

So, this afternoon I had the perfect opportunity don't you think? There we were, standing chatting by the mail box, passing the time of day, and I could so easily have slipped my small request into the conversation couldn't I??? Well yes, of course I could, but of course I didn't. This is me we are talking about remember, Mo, apparently the least assertive person ON. THE. PLANET!!!

Just what am I so scared of? I mean the very worst they can say is no, right? What would be so bad about that? At least I would have tried, and not now be sitting here kicking myself for being such a coward. And they might even have said yes, especially if I had offered to give them free eggs, and then I would be sitting here feeling very happy and excited.

ARRGGHHHHH! What is wrong with me, seriously?


fullfreezer said...

Don't beat yourself up. Look at this time as laying the friendly groundwork. Maybe try to see if you can time a few more 'mail runs' to coincide with hers and then 'pop the question', so to speak. You may get a better response if you warm her up a bit.
Good luck!

Jenn said...

Definitely offer up the egg enticement. I would love to have a neighbor I could buy fresh eggs from.

Good luck!

bodaat said...

ok, so maybe you felt like you acted cowardedly but i think you made the right move by being all neighborly and friendly before asking the big question! kinda like warming things up a bit... :) you can do it Mo!

leaner said...

I think we tie for least assertive person. Really, its one of my biggest problems. I get so nervous, worked up, stressed out and it is never a big deal. (I am sure you remember at my school's winter faire... that fear I had.) So from one really cautious person to another, YOU CAN DO IT.

Mo said...

Thanks guys! :) Just another little thing I need to keep working on.