Sunday, May 31, 2009

It's a jungle out there!

Once again I totally underestimated how big everything would grow to be in the veggie garden this summer. (I seem to have a habit of doing this as you would understand if you could see the trees in our backyard which are also rather too large for the size of our lot).

Every time I go out to pick a tomato now I feel as though I am risking life and limb, and could at any time be marauded by some wild animal.

Everything does seem to be bearing up under the strain of overcrowding though, and the sunflowers are certainly doing a great job of shading the plants to their east from the hot afternoon sun.

Leaving some of the tomato plants to grow close to the ground turned out to be not such a great idea. I took a class last summer, and learned that here in the heat they like to grow close to the earth where it is cooler. Unfortunately this also means that they are closer to my resident slug population which are feasting themselves silly on the tomatoes. I am losing as many tomatoes to slugs now as I am picking for us.

Ah well, I live and learn every year that I grow things.

Here is a sweet little picture of Emmie taken just after she "helped" by picking all my geraniums. (It's OK, they were almost at the point of needing the be deadheaded anyway so she actually did me a huge favor! :)


leaner said...

As always your garden makes me so jealous! Mine is getting better, but still looking sad compared to the greenery in yours!

Mo said...

Don't be Leaner! It is getting rather ridiculous I have to say because I can't even navigate the paths now, and have to very gingerly step through the greenery hoping that I don't do too much damage. Yours will get there, (well hopefully not quite like mine), give it a chance.

sugarcreekstuff said...

i love seeing your garden, mine is at the begining stage and cant wait for the jungle.
Your daughter, what a beauty.

Mo said...

Thanks SCS! Looking forward to seeing your "jungle" soon.

Amy said...

Wow! As always, I am impressed. Now, how would you like to come out my way and work your green-thumb magic on my backyard? Hehe.

BTW, that is a perfectly lovely picture of Emily. What a sweetheart.

risa said...

I like your jungle, and feel I would be very much at home getting eaten by a lion there; and that is a GREAT pic of the young'un

Mo said...

Hi Risa, I am honored that you dropped by. Your blogs, (and your garden), are amazing, and I will certainly be back to visit you again!