Saturday, May 23, 2009

Summer Days

The weather has been glorious the past few days, cool, grey, overcast, and rainy. Gorgeous! Just how us desert dwellers like it. I have even had trouble getting my washing dry outside which is a very rare occurrence here, and have had to dry it inside draped over furniture instead. Very English!

Kendra finished pre- school last Wednesday and I was strangely emotional even though I didn't think I would be. I can't believe that I am the Mum of a Kindergartner, I don't feel ready for that at all. Emmie will start pre- school in the Fall too so I will have free mornings for the first time in almost six years which will be a big milestone for me.

I am not working this weekend and so that means I have a long list of stuff to get done. I have to finish re- finishing our front door which is badly weathered and needed sanding, and staining. I am almost done with the sanding, and will stain it today.

Yesterday I bought an enormous bottle of Roundup even though I shuddered as I did so. The rain has got our Bermuda grass growing really well again, so I will probably be able to do the first treatment to kill it over the next few days, mow it down, water it again, and treat it one more time. I hate to use such methods but even the strongest advocates of organic growing methods such as the folks over at the Phoenix Permaculture Guild reluctantly agree that this is the only way to really get rid of such an invasive grass. I am not looking forward to doing any of it I have to admit, but it must be done before I can move forward with my garden plans.

We have decided on the perfect spot for the chicken coop, and Robert seems quite excited to build it. I have been looking at lots of different types, and deciding what will work best. I think we will get baby chicks in the late summer and keep them inside for a few weeks until they are ready to go in the coop when they are bigger, and it is cooler. It should be interesting trying to keep dogs and chicks separate inside our house!

I also plan to sow okra and Armenian cucumber seeds. I finally pulled all my swiss chard yesterday which gives me space for new things. I seriously need to find more tomato recipes too, or have a go at canning again because I am getting so many tomatoes each day that they are taking over the refrigerator. Robert commented yesterday on how much better they taste than the insipid store bought ones which made me feel happy.

The back yard is teeming with life right now. We have hummingbirds everywhere, and other birds nesting, and everything is growing like crazy, and it is great, especially while the weather stays in the 80's!


bodaat said...

what a lovely post to start my morning! I love to hear about all of the plans. :) And I'm going to warn you that you're for sure going to have a visitor if you have baby chicks in your house! how adorable!!

Anonymous said...

I hope your weekend went good. I love that book! Thank you so much! I want to get back to Tennessee so bad, have a garden and buy a farm all at the same time. When I do get a farm, there will be a room waiting for you guys!! Love Crystal