Monday, June 1, 2009

Independence Days Update

I missed last week, so this update is for the past two weeks.

1. Plant something: I finally got around to planting Armenian cucumbers, and okra. However if you have seen pictures of my garden recently you can tell that they wont have much space to thrive. I SO need a bigger veggie garden!

2. Harvest Something: During the past two weeks I harvested:
5 1/2 pounds of tomatoes, 3 lbs, 9 oz's of beets which was all that was left, 3 lb's of swiss chard which was also the last of that, (I miss it so), a couple of handfuls of cherry tomatoes, lots of basil, 1 lb of carrots, (small but delicious), 1 1/2 lbs of zucchinis that are finally producing well, and 1 lb, 11 oz of Ichiban eggplants.

3. Preserve something: Not much here, haven't tried canning again yet, but I did freeze some leeks, some leek and potato soup, and some pesto. I also spent some time going through our chest freezer after reading this interesting piece written by Sharon about the drawbacks of using freezing as a food preservation method. I was pleased to find that things were quite organized in there despite outward appearances, and I don't have a ton of food that has been buried for years way down in the bottom. I do love my freezer, I use it a lot and I would have a hard time giving it up I think.

4. Reduce Waste: I have realized how great my DH is for the way he will eat leftovers for days on end so that we very seldom have any food waste. He even cooks them all up into special stir fry's that appeal to the kids. Have kept AC at 83 as usual, but have been very aware of how much it still runs even with the shutters closed all day. Our house is a total energy hog, and no amount of line drying of my washing is really going to change that I am afraid. My "off grid" dreams are still a long way off I think. Have been composting madly as ever because even my DH wont eat leftover vegetable scraps.

5. Preparation and storage: Hmm, the usual ongoing reading of all my back issues of Mother Earth News. I have started reading my Mark Bittman book, "Food Matters", and I am enjoying it. Still working on digging out the sand box, (haven't done much with that recently though), and of course I have all the usual garden planning stuff going on in my head constantly.

6. Built community food systems: Went to the local, little Farmers market. I have conversed frequently with friends from my local permaculture group about chicken coops and the like. I have vague, and probably overly idealistic ideas about whether Kendra's Elementary school would be interested in developing a veggie garden because I know they don't have one. Probably shouldn't get too excited about it at this point though because I don't want to upset the PTA before we even start going there! :)

7. Eat the food: I made eggplant parmigiana for the first time ever. It is a dish that has fascinated me since I was an angst ridden teenager, and I read about it in a book by Judy Blume. It has taken me this long to try it, and I loved it! I am happy to find another way to use my eggplants because I have to admit that they are not a particular favorite of mine. I made leek and potato soup, (the potatoes weren't grown by me I am afraid), and I shared some home made pesto, and tomatoes for lunch with my friend Bo. Have been eating carrots, zucchini, swiss chard, and tomatoes with our meals in various different ways. I have also eaten some of the beets, (but of course my family hasn't).

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fullfreezer said...

You have been busy. I can't wait until I can be harvesting tomatoes and eggplant. Yum!