Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Independence Days Update

A day late, but better late than never right.

1. Plant something: Nothing this week. I am afraid I am out of space.

2. Harvest something: several large handfuls of cherry tomatoes, 2 1/2 lbs tomatoes, 12 oz's Ichiban eggplants, 1 lb of cucumbers that have finally started producing, and 14 oz's of zucchinis that are taking their time, but are starting to come in now.

3. Preserve something: Nothing.

4. Reduce waste: Saved some big boxes that I am going to use for "lasagna gardening" once I have enough space cleared. All other stuff as usual, composting, using cloth bags, buying locally, trying to reduce energy use, and reducing water use as much as possible. I have started turning off the shower while I wash, and then turning it on again to rinse. That is supposed to save a few gallons. We have a very leaky faucet again on the bath in the bathroom, it is the same one as last year, and is driving me crazy like it did last year. Robert is going to fix it this weekend, but until then I am collecting the water and using the water on the garden, and Robert is using it to flush the toilet. (My husband never ceases to amaze me!)

5. Preparation and storage: The usual ongoing task of creating more space for the garden slowly. I haven't done as much this past week as I would have liked, life has been getting in the way. Bought some bulk beans to keep.

6. Build community food systems: Found out about a community garden close by from a friend. I will go and take a look after we get back from the mountains next week. It seems everyone is interested in growing their own food these days which is great.

7. Eat the food: Ate the last of the beets, more pesto, loads of tomatoes, and cucumbers in salads. Last night I put eggplants, zucchinis, tomatoes, basil, (and potatoes and onions that I didn't grow), in a baking tray with olive oil, and a little salt and pepper, covered them in foil, and baked them for a little over an hour. They were really delicious.

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bodaat said...

all the fresh veggies sound yummy! can't wait to get my veggie garden going in the fall. :)