Monday, June 22, 2009

Independence Days Update

Missed last week because we were away in the lovely, cool mountains. So this is for the past two weeks.

1. Plant something: No, 'fraid not.

2. Harvest something: Lots of zucchinis, lots of different kinds of tomatoes, lots of cucumbers, my first ever pumpkin, small but perfectly formed, and oh so ORANGE. (I think it was supposed to stay on the vine until the vine died, but Robert picked it while I was away, and I didn't have the heart to tell him. I think it will be OK). Many Ichiban eggplants which I am afraid are still sitting in the refrigerator looking at me every time I open the door because I am running out of eggplant recipe ideas. (I know, that is sad but honestly, I was never hugely enthusiastic about eggplants, and now I seem to be growing mountains of them). Lots of basil. (Can't ever get enough of that!)

3. Preserve something: No, not even the eggplants I am afraid. Can one even preserve eggplants? Does anyone know?

4. Reduce waste: Not good here. I feel as though we created more waste than ever during our week in the mountains with the way we cooked and ate, although I tried hard not to. Since being back I have of course done all my usuals, cloth bags, recycling, composting, etc, etc. We got the very last of our window shutters fitted which we have been gradually doing over the course of about 5 years, and I kept the old blinds which will work great I think for shading the chicken coop during the hotter months.

5. Prep and storage: Really not much except planning the chicken coop, and the usual browsing and reading I do constantly.

6. Build community food systems: I took some cucumbers, and tomatoes with us up to the mountains, and shared them with the lovely people we stayed with. They are only just now starting their veggie growing season up there.

7. Eat the food: Did well here. Have been eating lots of salads with cucumbers, and tomatoes. Ate a few eggplants in another veggie bake thingy, but still have pounds left I am afraid. Added basil to anything I could think of, and have been using zucchinis in bakes, stir frys, and as a side dish. I still have the pumpkin. I need to look at it for a bit longer before I make it into something. The good news is that I have at least six more growing on other vines now!


Esther Montgomery said...

The trouble with reading blogs for more than a year is that one is challenged by re-living jealousies like . . . I wish I could grow basil.

Which makes me think . . . one of the annoying things about PVA windows (or whatever plastic the horrid things are made of) is that they are slanting instead of flat so you can't have window boxes. That would be the way for me to grow basil - high away from snails.

We are eating our first blackcurrants of the year. There are so many on the bush I am worrying in case it has decided to have a death fling.


Mo said...


My basil has also been rather besieged by slugs this summer I am afraid because my garden is so overgrown which provides them with plenty of cooler, moist places to reside.

However I have MANY basil bushes, (I am obsessed with the lovely fragrance of basil), so I still have enough.

I am on a mission to freeze enough pesto to last all winter because now I make it I don't really like the bought stuff.

Enjoy those blackcurrants. I don't have any fruit I am afraid. I SO love summer pudding too!

fullfreezer said...

My mom makes a sauce of tomato, eggplant, onion and basil that she puts over spaghetti. I believe she freezes it.
I love my eggplant grilled, YUM! Mine has blossoms on it....

Mo said...

Thanks Judy! :) I will definitely try that sauce recipe. I just need to get a bit more original with ideas. I am usually, but eggplant has always been rather a mystery vegetable for me I am afraid.

Looking forward to seeing the fruits that develop from those blossoms of yours.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful Header!!!...debbie

Mo said...

Thanks Debbie, you too!