Wednesday, June 24, 2009

A winner all round

The City of Phoenix disposal services department has a fantastic system of turning old and damaged trash containers into compost bins which the general public can purchase for a mere $5!

This is mine which I collected this morning.

Although my existing compost box is great, I really have needed another to accommodate all the garden and kitchen waste we produce. This is the perfect solution.

Seriously, what could be better? Old trash cans are reused, preventing them from being dumped, while the people of Phoenix are offered perfect compost boxes at a fraction of the cost of store bought ones. I am sure this also provides motivation for people who may not otherwise compost to give it a go.

Simply call 602 262 6598, or 602 262 7251 to enquire about the location of your nearest Phoenix City waste disposal facility. I found it a little confusing to find the exact area to collect the bins once I was within the facility, but everyone I asked for help was more than courteous.

I am truly delighted with this entire process, and strongly encourage any of you that live in Phoenix, or any other cities that offer similar services, to go buy your bin, and get composting!


Ben said...

That's pretty cool. I would definitely buy a few for only $5 if my city did something like this.

Esther Montgomery said...

Hope the mention on today's (26th June) Esther's Boring Garden Blog is ok. If not, let me know and I'll change it.


bodaat said...

let's talk! i would love to start a compost but i'm not sure how to get one started and what to do with the end product. plus, we have two ever hungry dogs that i'm scared will find a way to munch on the compost!

Matt said...

Do you need to be a Phoenix resident to get one of these. Scottsdale has a container for $40 but it's not recycled and it's half the size.

Mo said...

Hey Matt, great to see you here!

No, I don't think you need to be a Phoenix resident. I simply drove up, paid my $5, and collected the bin, no questions asked. I am sure they are just super happy to be off loading old trash cans for money whoever is buying them.

Let me know if you need directions or anything! :)