Wednesday, July 8, 2009

At risk of sounding as though I am obsessing about the lizards in my garden.....

Here is a picture of the completely enormous one that I have been trying to get a picture of for weeks, and who had until now eluded me.

See what I mean? ENORMOUS!

He is always lurking around the base of my old compost box, and we have had encounters on many occasions, the first of which caused me to hyperventilate a little I have to confess. Now though I am quite used to seeing him around, and he seems to be more relaxed around me too which is how I got the picture today I think.

To get a sense of scale, think how big those blocks are that make up the walls so many of us have. He is as long as they are wide! Or compare him to these little guys from the other day.

I know that neither of these are the best pictures, but I hope you get the general idea.

I had never seen a lizard as big as this in our yard until this summer, and I for one am really excited. (And a little obsessed!)


leaner said...

That top one is beautiful! I love lizards. When we started getting sprayed for bugs (after we had ants in the house) the lizards went away.

They are back at the moment, due to my compost bin. I have a question for you, though. What bugs are in and around your compost? Do you have...cockroaches? I noticed one coming out of my compost last night and it totally grossed me out.

Amber said...

He is huge! That is so cool. What do your kiddos think of him?

Mo said...


I haven't seen any cockroaches in either of our bins but we may have some.

Do you have a pile, or a bin? I think that cockroaches may find piles more easy to get to though I am sure they can get in pretty much anywhere they want. They are attracted to the kitchen veggie scraps apparently. If you balance your compost with kitchen veggie scraps, and "brown" waste such as straw it may help. Cats are also a pretty good deterrent I have heard, and chickens. Read this for more info'

If I learn any more I will let you know. I am not sure I would want too many cockroaches, although really they are all around us, we just don't necessarily see them.

Mo said...

Amber, the kids are a little freaked out I am afraid!

Jenn said...

Desert Spiny Lizard!

These guys are beautiful, as he gets accustomed to you you might be able to see all the colors they carry on those scales. Subtle, like so much else here.


Mo said...

Thanks Jenn, my lizard knowledge is sorely lacking. :)