Thursday, July 9, 2009

Garden Update

This is how my poor garden has been looking at the end of each long, hot day here in the desert. Wilted and tired, and I have to say I can relate.

This was my final summer harvest earlier in the week. Everything is pretty much done, although I am still getting a few cherry tomatoes each day.

I have been battling aphids for ages, and although I contained them for a while using dish soap and oil mixed with water, they are now all over pretty much everything. I am still trying to defend the pumpkin plants, but I have given up with almost everything else.

There comes a point where one just has to let nature take its course, and I am there.

My armenian cucumbers are completely infested with aphids so I don't hold out much hope for them, and the okra never did well either. So now I will pull most things, mulch well, and let the soil take a well deserved break until I begin again in September. This is my time of year for browsing through seed catalogs before the major Fall growing season begins.

It isn't all bad though, there are still a few bright spots out there.

Hopefully I can keep the plants alive long enough to nurture these guys to maturity and then I will have a good, (if early), pumpkin harvest!


Gail - Fort Rock Glimpses said...

Awww Mo. Don't give up hope on the aphids. There are a few things that seem to work. First and foremost, keep those ants away. They farm the aphids and bring eggs in, in the spring, to your plants. Last winter I put down black plastic on the ground in my greenhouse so that any heat would cook the eggs in the soil. so far it seems to be a better year for us aphid wise. I totally understand the feeling of giving up though. I've been there. But there's always next year right? I HATE APHIDS!!!! Anyway, things can get better.

bodaat said...

holy crap! that's a lot of pumpkins! what do you do with them?

Mo said...

Gail, I hate aphids too! :)

Bo, I will cook them, and maybe make an early pumpkin pie to practise for Thanksgiving too.

Marilyn said...

I hear you completely. Living in the arid Phnx area is totally different than the rest of the world. I've about decided to do the same thing-till up and shut up....ha ha...No I have a few plants that are still green but not producing anything. I guess I am watering them just to look at their greenness. I'm battling grape skeletonizers every day in the grapes.....Like you said-this is the time of year that we hibernate and let the soil rest-like others do in the winter. Good luck!