Monday, July 27, 2009

Independence Days Update

Gosh, this seems to come around fast each week, especially when I don't feel like I am getting much done.

1. Plant something: Despite my vow to give the earth, and our desert water supply a rest, I am afraid I did plant a few pumpkin seeds, and some basil. It is a little late for the pumpkins according to my low desert planting calender, and it has turned really hot again so I am not sure how well they will do, but I would really like a couple of pie pumpkins for the Fall. I imagine the basil will do well with the heat. We shall see.

2. Harvest something: The enormous funny looking pumpkin. I was worried about it in the 110 plus heat so I harvested it. Now to try to keep it stored until the Fall without it going soft on me.

3. Preserve something: No.

4. Reduce waste: Usual stuff, trying to reduce energy and water usage, as well as reducing overall waste. I haven't been good at going to the Farmers Market for local veggies recently I am afraid, and I have been buying more at local supermarkets again. I have at least been trying to buy stuff from California mostly which is still a long way from here, but not as far as another continent. I was interested to see that Trader Joe's are packaging much of their organic produce in compostable containers, some of which look exactly like plastic but which aren't apparently. I am not sure what they are actually made of because it doesn't say. I don't usually buy produce from there anymore because of the excess packaging issue, but I might be a tiny bit more inclined to in the future if I can compost it. I also feel as though my participation in Catalog Choice has fully paid off and I am now receiving only the catalogs I want, which are very few. It was a little frustrating at the start because it seemed like the catalogs just kept on coming, and I actually called a few of the more persistent companies to ask to be taken off their mailing list myself. However, now I really see the difference, and I very much appreciate the benefits of reducing the amount of junk mail I am receiving by signing up for this free service.

5. Prep and storage: Chicken book reading, general preparation and yard work for the Fall planting season. I have decided what seeds I am going to plant, and have them poised and ready to go. I am planting according to Greg Peterson's low desert planting guide from The Urban Farm , and I heartfully recommend it to all you low desert veggie growers out there. It has been so useful for me over the past year, and really does take the guess work out of desert veggie growing.

6. Build community food systems: Gave away the last of the cherry tomatoes to a friend. It didn't seem like I was getting that many as I picked a few each day, but they were definitely accumulating in the refrigerator!

7. Eat the food: Made Pumpkin and corn soup with a couple of the little pumpkins I harvested a few weeks ago. Of course the corn was bought, not home grown.


fullfreezer said...

Hm, I may have to check out the catalogue choice site. Thanks. I don't get that many but there are some odd ones that we're getting that were the previous owner's.
I'm amazed at all you get to grow in the desert. Amazing.

PetalsYoga said...

You make me feel like such a loser. My list was more like:

Turn off TV

Turn on Computer

Turn on stove

Turn off Lights.

I am such an underachiever and you are my new superhero!

Mo said...

Judy, you are such a cheerleader for me! Thank you my friend. The catalog choice thing is great but don't expect to get instant results. It does take a while but is totally worth it nevertheless.

Jan, :) Well at least you don't have ALL your appliances running at the same time! Every little helps and believe me, I have a loooong way to go too!

Esther Montgomery said...

You sound a little despondent. It must be the heat.

Don't get addicted to do something new all the time.

My tomatoes are beginning to set (hurrah!). I'm growing three kinds this year, one being new to me - olive tomatoes . . . which are like cherry tomatoes except plum shaped.

It's hot (for Dorset) but raining here. Result - have the biggest pile of clothes waiting to be washed that has ever been assembled in the history of housework.


Mo said...

Esther, I think I have been feeling a little despondant though another camping trip up north seems to have cured that for now at least.

I hope you have managed to get your laundry mountain washed, and dry!