Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Northwest Heatwave

It was 106 degrees in one of my favorite cities yesterday, one that isn't used to handling temperatures that are more typical of Phoenix this time of year, Portland, Oregon.

The heatwave currently occuring throughout the Pacific Northwest is predicted to continue over the next day or so. Whatever next?


bodaat said...

that is sad. :( makes me think about mount hood and the snow that is probably melting and it also makes me think of the vegetation that might not be able to make it through the heatwave. sad, huh?

Esther Montgomery said...

And you were thinking you'd arrived in a different climate!

Hope we don't catch that kind of heat here too!


Mo said...

Don't worry Bo, it wont be sustained, and I am sure that most of the greenery will recover with all the precipitation that area typically gets.

Esther, I've never thought of weather being contagious before. That gives a whole new meaning to global climate change for me! :)