Saturday, July 18, 2009

Our Camping Trip

Our camping trip was great. I am really glad we went, so glad in fact that we are planning to go again in a week or two.

We camped in Oak Creek Canyon which is one of Arizona's many spectacularly beautiful places. It was quite busy there with many people camping to escape the heat of Phoenix, and Tucson.

We had fun setting up camp,

Playing around with Mollee, (who is exhausted and has slept almost continually since we got back),

Taking leisurly walks in the cool morning air,

Looking at the amazing scenery,

Enjoying the camp fire,

And making new friends.

We arrived home filthy, but happy.

Although it is still unbearably hot here in the valley, it did help to get away. I feel a huge sense of appreciation today for the beautiful state of Arizona, and all it has to offer for those of us who love the outdoors.


Amber said...

Oh my gosh Mo, those photos are amazing. Simply beautiful. So glad you and your wild things had such a great time! :)

bodaat said...

Makes me want to go camping! How was the weather?

Mo said...

Thanks Amber! :)

Bo, the weather was great, probably mid eighties, and of course much cooler at night. Perfect really.