Saturday, July 11, 2009

Phew, it's hot in here!

I recently discovered this blog written by Chris George, a page designer for the Arizona Republic, who has vowed to live in Tempe, (a suburb of Phoenix), without heating, or cooling for a year.

"In the name of the environment, I have resolved not to use the air conditioning (or heating) at my home all year."

I have always been interested in this issue, not just from an environmental perspective, but from a personal one as well. How have people lived here in the low desert and not only survived, but thrived over the years?

If you get a chance check out Chris's blog because it is compelling reading. Can you imagine living in your home while the temperature is 100 degrees plus? We have probably all had a small taste of it when our AC has malfunctioned, but not for any great length of time.

The comments people have left are pretty interesting too. Some show concern for Chris's cats, others for his health, while others express the thought that it is just plain silly. Each to their own right?

Me, well of course I totally admire someone so willing to make such a major commitment towards reducing their carbon footprint. I am sad to say though, that as much as I love this earth, I don't think I could do it, even if it was just me without others to consider such as my husband, children, and dogs. Really makes me think though.

I guess for now I will just be keeping the thermostat up, and carry on saving for solar.

The Air- Conditioning Strike


bodaat said...

oh wow, i commen him. but like you Mo, i just couldn't do it. i would be miserable and grumpy. :(

♥ Braja said...

Hey, Mo...met you thru bodaat :) Hmmm....well, interesting. I live in India, and it's damned hot. We never had a/c; I figure if you choose to live in a place, you take it as it is and adapt, not try to make the place adapt to your desires. We often have power outages, short ones or longer ones (but mostly short these days) and I often wonder what would happen if/when one day it doesn't come back on...we have fans and I need them :) But the truth? I'd adjust....we all would, and so would you if you had to. When choice is there, it's harder to choose to suffer :)

Mo said...

I agree with you Braja, people lived here for many many years without any AC and managed I am sure. However, I know what I would be missing so I am totally spoiled I guess. We keep our thermostat at 83 and that feels pretty warm so I really can't imagine living in 100 plus degrees. I admire you living in the heat also. :)

Thank you so much for stopping by!

Amber said...

Hi Mo! Like you, I make use of the AC but- I do try to turn it on just during the hottest part of the day and I usually set it to 75. So far here in Nevada, it gets cool enough in the evenings to leave windows open all night and have it cool enough for comfortable sleep. I sure hope that continues this summer.
I remember one summer when we visited southern Italy and I would wake up in the morning and find the boys had left their beds and were seeking relative comfort in the slightly cooler floor tiles. There was definitely no ac where we were staying, and the boys didn't complain- just chose to sleep on the floor! I felt so sorry for our dog. Too much hair for that environment.

Mo said...

Oh Amber, I envy you still being able to have the windows open at night! We are above 90 degrees at night right now. I can't remember such a hot spell, even here. My poor plants. Oh well, what doesn't make it through was probably not meant to right? :)

Mid-life Midwife, CPM said...

Very interesting blog. That comment section tho, arrgh! A little crazy making to read, for sure! Definitely raised my blood pressure a few points reading some of the inane comments.
We don't have a central AC in our house. Granted, we're in Michigan however, there have been plenty of hot, very humid summer days where the thermostat has reached the low 90s. (especially when its canning season!)I never felt as if I were "choosing to suffer"!
Going without heat in the winter (and no wood stove)here would definitely be dangerous though!

GRANDPA said...

I think it would be a good thing if we all spared a thought for the thousands of troops serving in the Middle East at present. They are having to carry out there actions in full battle kit in temperatures of 100 degrees or more. Its pretty hot where I live in Crete at present but I am making do without the AC so far. Cheer up Mitch at least you can escape to Oak Creec Canyon from time to time. I wish I could be with you.
I am still missing you all.

Mo said...

I agree Dad. Can't imagine what they go through serving for us all. Thank you for making me think, and of course we miss you too! xxx